[SHOT 2024] Kahr Arms New AR Tommy PCC and X9 Pistol

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by TFB Staff

In an exciting development at the SHOT Show 2024, veteran firearm manufacturer Kahr Arms has announced their latest products the Kahr X9, a new micro double stack pistol and the AR Tommy, Thompson submachine gun based pistol caliber carbine with AR parts and Picatinny.

Known for its years-long production of Thompson guns, Kahr Arms has presented a range of styles over time. From retro military designs to the iconic typewriter look, and even a mysterious black-out version for those who prefer their firearms in all-black, Kahr is no stranger to variety. The company is now gearing towards fulfilling the wishes of tactical folks. They plan an innovative spin-off of their well-loved Thompson series, integrating some characteristics of an AR-15 to come up with the AR Tommy.

The AR Tommy boasts an amalgamation of features from two distinct styles of firearms. As per the specifications teased by Kahr Firearms Group, the AR Tommy will use .45 ACP ammunition. It will feature a collapsable AR stock and an AR pistol grip. To ensure usability and flexibility, it will also be geared with an MLOK handguard. As is standard with the company’s line of firearms, quality comes with a price – the gun holds an MSRP of $2329.

Kahr Firearms Group’s announcement to venture into this blended, semi-automatic design could potentially influence the broader gun industry, challenging the norms and setting the stage for hybridized firearm production. As we wait to see the full reveal of the AR Tommy, one thing is clear – the marriage of history with innovation in the world of guns continues to be a fascinating saga.

The Kahr Arms X9 pistol is chambered in 9mm, akin to many compact firearms, making it an ideal choice for those looking to carry it concealed. The gun features two magazine options, one with a 10-round capacity and another larger one accommodating up to 15 rounds. The barrel measures 3.54 inches, an optimal length for concealment.

The X9 is constructed with a polymer frame, offering durability and lightness. For those interested in the blend of on-the-job toughness and less weight for everyday carry purposes, this aspect of the X9 is noteworthy. It also sports a stainless steel slide that provides both sleek design aesthetics and additional durability upon use.

The debut of the X9 showcases Kahr Arms’ willingness to adapt to changing preferences in the firearms industry. The X9 maintains the familiar footprint of the C9 series, positioning it as a natural progression for fans of the previous models.

One of the significant features of the X9 is the double-stack magazine. The engineers at Kahr Arms designed this model compatible with the SIG P365 magazines, offering increased versatility. In addition, it comes optics-ready, accommodating the increased interest in red dot sights’ improved accuracy and draw speed.

Kahr Arms, with their new X9, has demonstrated their attention to detail and consideration for what firearm users want from their tools. This release continues to place them as a reputable contender in the industry.

The world would watch keenly for reviews and for how the market receives the X9, noting particularly how this model is accepted for its break from the single-stack tradition and embraced for the new features it introduces. For now, the X9 stands as a testament to Kahr Arms’ commitment to its customers’ wants and the evolving needs of the firearm industry as a whole.

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  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Jan 26, 2024

    Wow, that optics cut really looks like an afterthought.

  • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Jan 26, 2024

    Not gonna lie, if I had lottery money I'd give that ThARmpson a 10rd magazine covered in greebles and loaded with red tracers, put some random LEDs in various places and a clonky combo of skinny scope/oversized RDS on top, and hit the range dressed like I'd joined The Alliance To Restore The Republic.