[SHOT 2024] Innovative FDP Suppressor Coming Soon

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] Innovative FDP Suppressor Coming Soon

KGM Technologies are set to introduce the innovative Fischer Development pistol suppressor to the US market under the name FDP Suppressor. The unprecedented features of the FDP provide it with a unique selling point in the rapidly evolving suppressor market.


Unlike the traditional design, the FDP Suppressor attaches to the pistol via the integral frame rails instead of a thread on the barrel. It is designed with an easily actuated quick attach system that relies on a patented latch, meaning changes can be made swiftly and effectively. Unlike other suppressors, the FDP negates the necessity to add suppressor height sights, a clear move to streamline the user experience.

The strategic design brings mass forward in the suppressor, aiding in the reduction of muzzle flip and recoil, despite not being overly heavy at 13.4oz. The combination of lightweight design and enhanced control could position the FDP as a preferred option among firearm enthusiasts and professionals. Impressively, the FDP Suppressor further demonstrates its versatile usage, with the ability to be operated wet or dry and it being compatible with both subsonic and supersonic ammunition.

In terms of construction, the FDP Suppressor is crafted from hard-coat anodized aluminum alloy and is expected to be available in both black and FDE. The suppressor is designed to accommodate 9mm Luger caliber ammunition and is just one inch in width, retaining a sleek, inconspicuous design.

The partnership between KGM Technologies and Fischer Development, the originator of the technology, paves the way for the introduction of this pioneering suppressor to the US audience. Production is already in progress and the suppressor is expected to be production-ready by summer 2024, if not sooner, as part of a portfolio for Fischer Development that will be rebranded as FD Suppressors.

As the industry continuously advances, KGM Technologies and the soon-to-be FD Suppressors stand as competitors in a burgeoning market. The forthcoming release of the FDP Suppressor in Spring/Summer 2024 is set to usher in a new era of firearm technology, maintaining the mission of both companies to provide the latest advancements in firearm technology to their audience.

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