[SHOT 2024] Cadex Defence Introduces CDX-X145 Sniper Rifle

    [SHOT 2024] Cadex Defence Introduces CDX-X145 Sniper Rifle

    At SHOT Show 2024, Cadex Defense, the Canadian company renowned for manufacturing precision rifles and weapon upgrades presented their innovative CDX-X145 sniper rifle. The CDX-X145 is a long-range anti-materiel bolt action rifle chambered in 14.5×114mm cartridge.

    Weighing approximately 44.75 lbs without attachments or ammunition, CDX-X145 comes with a four-lug bolt with a 50-degree throw and is equipped with a four-round magazine as standard. Perhaps the most impressive quality of the CDX-X145 is its range, facilitated by its 40-inch barrel. The 8-groove rifling has a 1:14 twist rate. The overall length of the rifle is 71.93 inches unfolded and 62.4 inches with a folded stock.

    The recommended retail price for the CDX-X145 is $16,500. Its practical application is for military sales primarily, though, according to Cadex staff, civilian sales may also be a possibility after clearing some regulatory procedures, as the rifle is currently classified as a ‘destructive device’.

    With the launch of the CDX-X145, Cadex Defense continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of precision rifles. While the new sniper rifle is primarily intended for military usage, the ever-changing dynamics of defense requirements and regulations might soon see this stellar piece of equipment accessible for civilian purchase.

    Seemingly, the world of precision weaponry and long-range shooting will be having quite a few interesting developments on the horizon and Cadex Defense looks set to be an innovative and dynamic player in this scenario.