[SHOT 2024] HIVIZ Shooting Systems Shows Off FastDot H3

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[SHOT 2024] HIVIZ Shooting Systems Shows Off FastDot H3

HIVIZ Shooting Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality tritium/fiber-optic and fiber-optic sights for firearms, has launched its latest innovation in sight systems — the FastDot H3. Targeted towards enthusiasts seeking an improved sighting experience, whether for practical or competitive shooting scenarios, the FastDot H3 offers superior sighting by employing a combination of a fiber-optic and tritium-powered sighting system that gives shooters a fast sight acquisition without the bulk of traditional red dot sights.

Following a different design approach compared to traditional blade and notch sighting systems, the FastDot H3 uses a unique ‘circle within a circle’ technique. As the shooter aligns the front sight with the rear, the red fiber-optic front sight vanishes behind the green rear sight to notify the user of proper alignment. This particular design not only provides positive feedback on sight alignment but also improves sight acquisition right out of the holster.

“Since 1996, HIVIZ has sought to improve the art of shooting with innovative products,” said HIVIZ President and Founder, Phil Howe. Priced at $175, the system doesn’t require batteries and offers 24-hour illumination for a bright and visible sight picture in any light condition. It’s available for a wide range of handguns including models from Glock, Smith & Wesson, and SIG Sauer.

However, it’s not only the avid shooter that could benefit from this latest innovation from HIVIZ. The FastDot H3 seems to be gaining popularity among users who require a simple and speedy sight set. “This sight is for somebody who isn’t necessarily ready to commit to a red dot, or for concealed carry weapon (CCW) users,” a representative from HIVIZ said, reinforcing the practicality and versatility of the sight set.

The FastDot H3 is designed to not snag or create bothersome bulk for concealed carry, minimizing potential drawbacks for its users. It’s also worth highlighting that the sight system is designed for handguns currently, with no availability for rifles or shotguns. However, given the integrated tritium which assures uninterrupted functionality in low light levels, it seems to be only a matter of time before all firearm types could potentially benefit from this system.

While the HIVIZ FastDot H3 represents an innovative step forward, it’s crucial to note that there could be a learning curve in adjusting to such inventive sight systems. However, over time, the investment may prove more reliable and efficient than battery-powered red dot sights, especially considering its compatibility with standard holsters. With the FastDot H3, HIVIZ seems to successfully bridge the gap between the traditional iron sights and red dot sights, offering a simpler, faster, and less cumbersome alternative for the modern shooter.

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  • Redscreen Redscreen on Jan 24, 2024

    So, the light is channeled up from the glow in the dark gun?
    Do they make Cerakote in this color?

  • Nick Wong Nick Wong on Feb 03, 2024

    I tried these at the show - I fell in love with 'em right away. Definitely going with these for my M&P and possibly as many other guns as they make 'em for!