[SHOT 2024] Bilson Arms Introduces "Pump Style" Forward Charging ARs in New Cartridges

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff
Bilson Arms Pump Style ARs

In a world where constantly evolving technology puts faster, slicker, more impressive firearms consistently into the limelight, Bilson Arms, never to be outdone, rolled out their latest crowning achievement at the SHOT 2024 convention. Their innovation: a forward-charging AR-style rifle, now available in a veritable buffet of new cartridges.

Last year, Bilson Arms introduced their forward charging AR-style rifle in the dependable 9mm, an affordable entry point for enthusiasts. This year, they’ve majorly upped the ante, releasing the same innovative design in a multitude of cartridge options. The new offerings in the line include the classic 5.56 NATO, the versatile 6mm ARC, the silent but deadly 300 Blackout, and the beastly 450 Bushmaster.

Range day at SHOT 2024 presented an opportunity to try this new pump action, and the team at Bilson Arms was at hand to dispel any skepticism around their design. Luke from Bilson Arms clarified a few potential misunderstandings, notably, “The pump is only for locking the action open and clearing jams. It’s forward charging but there is plenty of mountable MLOK space out front.”

Looking under the hood of the new Bilson Arms ARs, we find a bevy of features that make these rifles stand out:

Billet aluminum construction: Bilson Arms has made no compromises in the material department, crafting the rifles from billet aluminum for robust, reliable performance.

Glock compatibility: The 9mm variant is designed to accept Glock magazines, a major plus for existing Glock owners seeking compatibility.

Uses MIL-Spec AR parts: Maintaining interchangeability, the BA-15FC uses MIL-Spec AR parts, enabling easy part replacement and enhancement.

Available in Cerakote coatings: Bilson Arms offers product personalization options, including a variety of Cerakote coatings to cater to individualistic aesthetic preferences.

Custom calibers: Apart from the standard offerings, Bilson Arms can also cater to specific caliber requests to deliver a shooting experience tailor-made to personal preferences.

Bilson Arms Pump Style ARs

Bilson Arms has once again demonstrated their dedication to innovation, practicality, and customer preferences with the release of their latest forward-charging ARs in various new cartridges. As the SHOT 2024 continues, all eyes are keenly watching for the next big thing to come out of their stable.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Carbon Carbon on Jan 23, 2024

    I will attach my MLOK Rambo knife to the pump and catch Mr. Bond’s arch-villain off guard! Mwhahahaha!

  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Jan 24, 2024

    The more I think about it, the more interesting it is.

    It kind of solves the problem of the T-charging handle's poor position, while still staying low profile and you should be able to use it ambidextrously.

    Furthermore, it doesn't protrude enough to interfere with the placement of lights and lasers. This is a common problem with other forward charging uppers.