MDT/Warhorse Developments New Shooting Bag Lineup

Luke C.
by Luke C.

When it comes to staying accurate on the bench at the range, or on the move at a PRS competition, shooting bags are the behind-the-scenes heroes. They’re the silent partners that shooters rely on for that crucial stability and precision. Warhorse Developments, an already well-established manufacturer of shooting bags, has been acquired by MDT and will now add to the overall spectrum of precision shooting gear that MDT can offer its customers.

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MDT/Warhorse Developments New Shooting Bag Lineup

Introducing the MDT Shooting Bag Lineup:

  • MDT Traveller Shooting Bag: Inspired by General Robert E. Lee’s legendary horse, the Traveller is a versatile and steadfast companion for marksmen. Priced at $49.95, it’s constructed with resilient 500D Cordura, offering a reliable addition to your range day essentials. MDT Traveller Shooting Bag
  • MDT Grand Old Canister Shooting Bag: Named after General Sickles’ trusted warhorse, the Grand Old Canister bags, priced at $59.95, offer solid support and flexibility. Made from robust 500D Cordura, they are designed to face the elements with resilience. MDT Grand Old Canister Shooting Bag
  • MDT Peanut Shooting Bag: A tribute to the versatile Quarter Horse, Peanuts, the Peanut shooting bag, priced at $89.95, mirrors adaptability and relentless spirit. Its streamlined design and rugged construction make it a dependable, resilient, and adaptable rest. MDT Peanut Shooting Bag

A New Chapter in Precision Shooting: This merger marks a significant milestone in MDT’s journey, enhancing our product range with Warhorse Developments’ esteemed shooting bags. The Traveller, Canister, and Peanut shooting bags, now under the MDT banner, are set to redefine precision and reliability in shooting sports.

The Grand Old Canister is by far the most traditional shooting bag out of the bunch, with the Mini Traveller shooting bag probably being quite useful for minor adjustments in elevation, and the Peanut is useful for shooting from fences and cattle gates. The Peanut comes in one stock color and fill type (since it is made from Waxed Army Duck Canvas), while the Grand Old Canister and MDT Traveller will come with your selection of fill and Cordura pattern. For more information or to see a complete list of options and specifications you can visit

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