Lunartech Designs Hellion Upgrades – Bolt Release & Flared Magwell

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Third-party accessories for the Springfield Hellion are slowly trickling out. Lunartech Designs made some Hellion upgrades. Specifically, a flared magwell and extended bolt release.

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Lunartech Designs Hellion Upgrades

There have been only a handful of companies, two that I can think of at the top of my head, that came out with upgrades for the Springfield Hellion. Well, now there is a third company. Lunartech Designs came out the gate with a flared magwell and extended bolt catch. I bought these from their website.

Both the flared magwell and extended bolt release are 3D printed out of MJF. The flared magwell is pretty straightforward – it wraps around the factory magwell and is held in place with a Torx bolt and nut.

Since the Lunartech Designs flared magwell adds thickness to the magwell, it shrouds the mag release a bit. See the photos below.

The Lunartech Designs flared magwell is short enough to allow Magpul D-60 drum mags to be inserted.

While the flared magwell is nice, it is not necessary compared to their extended bolt release which is probably the most needed upgrade for your Hellion. As James Reeves put it, releasing the bolt is like squeezing a nipple. It is not gross motor skill and I often find myself just pulling on the charging handle to release the bolt. Now I can just pull the Lunartech Designs bolt release with my support hand index finger.

In order to install the Lunartech extended bolt release, you need to punch that pin out. It does not matter which side you push it out. Then carefully tilt the front end up and slide the release forward toward the barrel. There is a stiff spring underneath that you do not want to launch.

Remove the spring and slide it onto the extended bolt release. Install it back into the Hellion. You do not need to remove anything like the trigger or bolt. Just remove the factory release and install the Lunartech one.

You can see how much longer the release is compared to the Springfield one. Definitely more purchase for your finger.

Here are the Lunartech Designs upgrades on my 20″ Hellion. Bayonet is a SOG BAR15T.

Lunartech Designs sell their extended bolt release for $28.95 and the flared magwell is $44.95. Go to their website for more information.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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