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Standard Manufacturing introduced the second generation of their DP-12 double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun. The differences between the DP-12 Gen II and the first-generation DP-12 shotguns are in the new contour of the barrels and the new patented polymer/aluminum frame. Let’s take a look at the specs and features of the Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Gen II shotgun.

Standard Manufacturing @ TFB:

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Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Gen II shotgun is chambered in 12 gauge with 3″ chambers. The 18 7/8″ barrels are threaded to accept Tru-Choke choke tubes. Each of the two tubular magazines holds 7 shells thus the overall capacity is 14 rounds (+2 in the chambers). There are windows cut in the magazines that allow seeing the number of shells loaded/left in each tube. Pulling the forearm back extracts and ejects (downward) the ammo/cases from both barrels and pushing it forward loads both barrels. The single trigger fires one barrel at a time. The safety and slide release are ambidextrous. The synthetic stock has a rubber buttpad with a dual spring shock-absorbing mechanism. The shotgun comes with a vertical foregrip installed on the bottom Picatinny rail of the polymer forearm. The top Picatinny rail is 13.75″ long. The overall length of the Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Gen II shotgun is 29.5″ and its unloaded weight is 9 lbs 12 oz.

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The MSRP of Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Gen II shotgun is $1,495, the same as the price of a first-generation DP-12 in a similar configuration. These shotguns come with a choke tube wrench and spreader chokes installed. Doorbreacher extended chokes are available separately for $45.

Let us know in the comments section in what applications you think a double-barreled pump-action bullpup shotgun like this can shine. If you own a first-generation DP-12, tell us about your experience, and the pros and cons of the design.

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  • Keiichi Keiichi on Oct 08, 2023

    Why would someone choose this over a KSG or KS7?

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    • 1013D 1013D on Oct 09, 2023

      @Keiichi Its different?

      Heavier, which has ups and downs. Aluminum and polymer instead of steel and polymer.
      pump-shoot-shoot VS Pump-shoot-pump-shoot.

  • Ahab Ahab on Oct 08, 2023

    I'd still prefer to see them make a bullpup version of the SP-12. I think that would be extremely compelling compared to a KS7.