TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Happy Independence Day and welcome to TFB Podcast Roundup 93! The fourth of July (Independence Day) is just around the corner so while you’re hustling and bustling to either make last-minute preparations for the holiday, or you’re stuck at work and just need something to help you power through those final hours before the big holiday, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite podcasts with some of the most up to date topics in the firearms world for your enjoyment while you tie a knot in your tasks before you tie one on during the Independence Day festivities. Happy Independence Day everyone and as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s selection of gun podcast listening.

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TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

Gun Cranks | VR Simulations: Useful … Or Useless?

Length: 30 Minutes

Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers anymore. Loaded with real-life scenarios, dynamic targets, and interactive drills, the technology is being adopted by shooting ranges and law enforcement agencies across the country. In this week’s episode, the Gun Cranks weigh in on whether VR simulations are useful or useless for weapons training.

Have you ever trained using VR simulations? Let us know what you think in the comments.

TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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SOFLETE | Do It Live Podcast Episode 2 w/ Matt Pranka

Length: 68 Minutes

On this Episode we have arguably one of the most legitimate shooters still in the game. Matt @Xray.Alpha.LLC spent over 20 years in service in SOF and is a USPSA Grand Master. Him and Brent @sofletefish get together to trash talk fitness, run drills, and dissect why CQB is such a hot topic these days.

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**Edit- We were short a few meters each shuttle run on the “performance on demand” drill, however, it was a shuttle run which adds a good bit of time. To run the drill properly, the 400m should be run without starting and stopping.

TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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Fierce Firearms Podcast | E26 CARBON MZ PRO MUZZLELOADER

Length: 28 Minutes

On this podcast we discuss the new and improved Carbon MZ PRO muzzleloader. This new .45 CAL rifle features new ignition system which will improve ease and efficiency of load and reload. Fierce is offering 1MOA accuracy guaranty on the MZ PRO. For more info please visit our website.

TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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Are We Winning or Losing on Gun Rights? | Gun Talk Radio

Length: 20 Minutes

Are we winning the gun rights fight? Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms runs down the gun rights stories they are covering and shares his impressions on wins and losses. Tom and Cam discuss how we push forward and win the fight.

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TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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Ron Spomer Outdoors | Is The 7 PRC Really Better Than The 7 Rem Mag?

Length: 26 Minutes

Welcome to Ron Spomer Outdoors! In this video, we delve into the ongoing debate on whether the 7mm PRC is really better than the 7mm Remington Magnum. As two of the most popular all-around choices for North American hunting, both have distinct features that make them great cartridges. The 7mm Remington Magnum has been around for over 60 years and has been widely used by hunters for its accuracy and energy figures. On the other hand, the newer 7mm PRC is part of the Precision Rifle Cartridge line and has dropped the belt, relying on the 30-degree shoulder for headspacing. It offers better concentricity, longer case life, and better downrange accuracy. However, is it really superior to the tried and tested 7mm Rem Mag? We compare their features, ballistics, and overall performance to determine which is the better cartridge for you. Tune in to learn more.

TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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Taurus By the Horns Episode 14: Tana Grenda and Trevor Schneider Bear Hunt

Length: 81 Minutes

For avid hunters Tana Grenda and her brother Trevor Schneider, day eight into a planned two-week bear hunt in the remote mountains of Alaska nearly turned deadly.

When Trevor’s rifle jammed after taking several shots at a large brown bear from 450 yards, the wounded animal sensed their location and quickly made its approach.

Unable to fix the rifle jam, both Tana and Trevor literally feared for their lives as the ferocious bear came charging at them full bore.

Luckily, Trevor had his trusty Taurus Raging Hunter™ revolver with him as backup and took the bear down with several well-placed shots before it could land its vicious attack.

Jessie and KC sit down with Tana and Trevor as they recount their incredible, awe-inspiring story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness.

TFB Podcast Roundup 93: Celebrate the Fourth with These Great Podcasts

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #75: Wolverine 5K Tactical Adventure Race

Length: 58 Minutes

In today’s episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast we’re jumping back into some competition talk – but not the kind you’re going to find at your local gun range. Today we’re talking about the hardcore Tactical Adventure Race known as the Wolverine 5K. To help me describe this unique competition, I’ve brought on a group of guys who squatted together for the event. Philip, Brent, and Tyler come on the show today to share their experiences, along with their fourth squad mate Daryl’s at this year’s Wolverine 5K which took place back in the beginning of June. The Wolverine 5K differs from a typical two or three-gun competition in that it also incorporates aspects of land navigation, problem-solving, and decyphering messages, along with a pretty healthy amount of physical challenges as well just to make things more interesting. For more information on the Wolverine 5K, tune into this episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, and be sure to check out the links below for registration info, or to ask our guests some more specific questions if you have them. Please welcome the Calumet Drop Outs (our guest’s squad name) to the show!

Match website:
Match runner/host:

Team Info:
Calumet Drop Outs

Finished 10/30 teams, 10/16 in the hardcore division

Philip: and
Philip and Tyler Shared Shooting IG Page:

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That’s it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed some or all of these episodes or at least have something to listen to for the rest of your week’s commutes. Let us know what you find interesting about these podcasts and we’ll catch you again next week for another roundup of great firearms podcasts!

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