The New MHA Universal Mount from True North Concepts

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Safariland holsters are some of the best duty-grade holsters on the market. Their holster environment allows for a lot of adaptability, modularity, and customization but you’re often left with the high upfront cost of not only the equipment but various adapters and mounting solutions that very few companies other than Safariland offer. True North Concepts announced the introduction of their new MHA Universal Mount for Safariland holsters, allowing users to adapt their holster to different types of quick detach systems already found in the market.

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The New MHA Universal Mount from True North Concepts

The New MHA Universal Mount from True North Concepts

The MHA Universal Mount

There are very few aftermarket mounting options for non-Safariland™ holsters. The Universal Mount from True North Concepts is designed to change that, by allowing for a wide array of popular holsters to fit the proven Modular Holster Adaptor system. It serves as an adaptor to bridge the gap between the many different holster mounting patterns currently available while also allowing for cross-compatibility with different types of holster quick detach systems. (example: G-code RTI® quick detach system used on a Safariland™ holster, etc.)

The user can easily convert holsters that do not utilize the Safariland 3-hole pattern in seconds by simply adding the Universal Mount to the back of the holster with the included hardware. Once attached to the holster, the Universal Mount will allow the user to mount their favorite holster to the MHA or any other belt attachment platform that utilizes the Safariland style mounting pattern.

The Universal Mount fits the following formats of holster:

  • Blackhawk® T-series Duty Holsters
  • Blackhawk® EPOCH and OMNIVORE multifit Holsters
  • G-Code® SOC, OSL, XST holsters
  • Alien Gear Holsters® Rapid Force Duty Holsters
  • DARA Holsters® Duty Holsters
  • Any holster that uses the Safariland™ 3-hole pattern
  • Supports the use of G-Code® RTI, Safariland™ QLS, and T-series (QD2) formats of quick detach systems

Note: Does not include Modular Holster Adaptor or accessories. Read the entire enclosed instruction sheet before installation.

The New MHA Universal Mount from True North Concepts

MHA Universal Mount kits are made from high-strength polymer and ship with all the hardware needed for the above-mentioned holsters. Customers can expect to pay $30 for each kit and this will allow you to adapt your Safariland holsters to work with other quick detach systems you might already have. For more information or to check out a complete list of specifications and customization options, you can visit

The New MHA Universal Mount from True North Concepts
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  • HemingwaysBeard HemingwaysBeard on Feb 10, 2023

    It’s amazing that Safariland never made this.

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    • David Knuth David Knuth on Feb 14, 2023

      @Max Müller One thing I don't like about Safariland is after they bought up Bianchi, they killed the Accumold holster series. Those were great, lower-cost general purpose holsters in a number of configurations that allowed for carry of multiple different types of firearms on the range if needed. And, because they weren't kydex/polymer, they didn't clack and make a lot of noise.

  • Survivor50 Survivor50 on Feb 10, 2023

    A 46 piece holster ... I like jig saw puzzles ...