[SHOT 2023] Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    America is getting another hot Italian Import: the Beretta PMXs, a semiautomatic version of their 9x19mm PMX submachinegun.  Though TFBTV’s James Reeves covered this development in May of 2022, Beretta brought this gun to SHOT 2023, bringing this development one step closer to reality.

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    [SHOT 2023] Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    The US version of the Beretta PMXs will likely have the shorter barrel of the two European versions: 175mm (approx. 6.89″ in freedom units). The final US version will be threaded 1/2×28 instead of the tri-lug seen in these photos.  The other final changes in the works will be a 1913 rail section on the endplate instead of the QD cup that was seen at SHOT, and possibly shortening the selector switch.  The PMXs has ambidextrous controls as well, and the cocking handle can be attached to either side of the bolt.

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs
    The end-plate will change to a 1913 style

    The trigger on the PMXs example we got to handle was absolutely phenomenal, the best I’ve yet to experience on any evolution of the Tec-9 design.  It had very little take-up, broke crisply at about 5lbs and had a very short reset.  Understanding that the majority of US consumers will put an optic on their PMXs, the US version will not come with the flip sights of the Euro models, but will come with a 30-round magazine.  MSRP of the PMXs will be roughly $1499.  For any LE/Mil customers, Beretta will bring in Full-auto versions as well.  The Beretta PMXs should be available to consumers sometime this year.

    Specs (subject to change)

    • Caliber: 9x19mm
    • Endplate: 1913 ecosystem
    • Barrel: 6.89″, threaded 1/2×28
    • Weight: roughly 5lbs
    • Magazine: 30, 20, and 10-round
    • Projected MSRP: under $1500

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

    Coming to America: The Beretta PMXs

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