Flagship Launch: MDT ACC Elite Chassis System

    MDT Sporting Goods have announced an upgraded and improved version of their ACC chassis called ACC Elite, which will become the new flagship bolt action rifle chassis in the company’s catalog. The new MDT ACC Elite is a highly adjustable competition shooting chassis marketed as being an advanced fusion of design and engineering created for top-tier professional shooters.

    MDT @ TFB:

    MDT ACC Elite Chassis System (4)

    The MDT ACC ELITE is the most advanced competition chassis system available. It provides top-tier shooters with instinctual point-and-shoot control through perfect balance. You will find targets faster and be more precise. Each element of the ACC Elite is stiffer, more adjustable, and balanced to create the perfect rifle/shooter interaction.

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    MDT ACC Elite chassis is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and has an anodized finish with Black, FDE or Titanium Blue color options. The chassis features an improved MDT SRS-X Elite buttstock that has an adjustable LOP and cheek rest height, an M-LOK slot at the bottom for adding a rear bag rider, and QD sling swivel sockets. For adjusting the balance of the rifle, weights can be added to the stock.

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    The MDT ACC Elite chassis comes with a redesigned adjustable MDT Vertical Grip Elite that is connected to the stock via a bar. Above the grip, there is an adjustable ambidextrous M-LOK thumb rest. The adjustable magwell is taller with a larger barricade stop front wall. The ambidextrous magazine release latch is also adjustable. The chassis comes with pre-cut tapes that can be attached to the area above the trigger guard to work as reference points for the trigger finger.

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    The 19″ M-LOK forend of the MDT ACC Elite chassis features an integrated bottom full-length ARCA rail, QD sling sockets, is drilled and tapped for adding MDT night vision hoods, and comes with custom cut grip tapes that can be added to the bottom to provide better purchase on barricades or bags. The forend can also be used to adjust the balance of the rifle by adding weights to it.

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    MDT ACC Elite chassis is currently available for Remington 700 Short Action barreled actions only but versions of the chassis for other popular footprints are in the works. The Remington 700 SA version has an overall length of 37.4″ and weighs in at 6.1 lbs. MDT ACC Elite chassis for Remington 700 SA is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $1,599.95.

    Pictures by MDT Sporting Goods, www.mdttac.com

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