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    The latest addition to Weatherby‘s extensive line of Mark V bolt-action rifles is the new Mark V APEX which is designed to be a lightweight hunting rifle capable of accurate long-range shooting. The overall weight of the rifle in the lightest configuration is 6.4 lbs and like other Mark V rifles, it is guaranteed to have sub-MOA accuracy. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the new Weatherby Mark V APEX rifle.

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    The weight reduction of the Weatherby Mark V APEX rifle is primarily achieved thanks to the Peak 44 carbon fiber stock that weighs 23 oz. The stock features an ambidextrous palm swell, thumb groove and dual sling swivel studs on the forearm. The camouflage pattern of the stock is a combination of exposed carbon fiber with tan and brown Cerakote accents. The stock is also fitted with Weatherby’s 3DHEX 3D-printed recoil pad that features a series of interlocking voids that progressively collapse during recoil, expanding the time component of the recoil impulse and deadening the sharp kick of magnum chamberings.

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    Weatherby Mark V APEX rifles are available with right and left-hand actions. The bolt has a 54-degree throw, a threaded handle with a removable bolt knob and a deep spiral fluted body. The Mark V APEX rifles come with TriggerTech adjustable triggers installed. The finish of the receiver, bottom metal, bolt and safety lever is Cerakote of Coyote Tan and Black Graphite colors.

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    Another feature that contributes to the weight reduction of this rifle is the heavy fluting of the barrel. The barrel comes with the company’s Accubrake ST muzzle brake installed and has a two-tone Cerakote finish. The Weatherby Mark V APEX rifle is available in one of the following chambering options: .240 Wby Mag, .257 Wby Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Wby RPM, 6.5-300 Wby Mag, .270 Wby Mag, .30-378 Wby Mag, .300 Wby Mag, .300 Win Mag, .308 Win, .338 Wby RPM and .338-378 Wby Mag. All calibers are available for both right and left-handed versions of the rifle. Depending on the caliber choice, the Mark V APEX rifles are offered with 22″, 24″ or 26″ barrels that result in an overall length of 44″, 46″, or 48″ and an overall weight of 6.4 lbs, 6.5 lbs or 7.5 lbs respectively. The magazine capacity also depends on the cartridge choice and can be 2, 3 or 4 rounds.

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    The MSRP of the Weatherby Mark V APEX rifle is $2,799 for the right-handed and $2,899 for the left-handed version. The chambering choice does not affect the price.

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