TFB Thanksgiving 2022: Hope, Freedom, and Resiliency

    TFB Thanksgiving 2022: Hope, Freedom, and Resiliency

    TFB Thanksgiving 2022: Hope, Freedom, and Resiliency

    As strange as it may sound, we have a unique job here at The Firearm Blog. While some of our product announcements center on the pure enjoyment of recreational shooting, others focus on the guns, upgrades, and related gear that are designed for defense, protection, and safety. From an outsider’s point of view, it probably seems, at best, inappropriate, to excitedly announce new firearms to millions of readers around the world. But a successful defense against violence starts with making good decisions, training for adverse conditions, and outfitting yourself with the quality tools to protect yourself and your family. I am thankful that we here at TFB are able to provide our readers with information so that they are able to make educated decisions on what is important for their needs.

    It feels like every year at this time I write about how divided we all are both nationally and internationally. And this year is no different. Our economy is suffering, a new war rages, and we are no closer to solving some of the deepest social issues of our time. However, as always, I have hope in my fellow mankind. Hope that we can preserve our individual liberties while still working together to solve our biggest problems.

    We are a resilient species that is built to overcome challenges. My one request of you all this year is to find a way to make the world a better place and take active steps to move forward. Because, while individual liberties may be the cornerstone of a free society, there’s no way that we can survive alone.

    I am thankful to have a professional, first-class staff of writers, editors, and TFBTV personalities.

    I am thankful for all of the men and women who have chosen to fight evil on our behalf both here at home and overseas.

    Thank you to all of you who are working over the holiday.

    I am thankful for Steve Johnson for creating The Firearm Blog and asking me to be a part of it so many years ago.

    And I am also thankful for you, our readers and viewers, for making this all possible.

    I hope everyone can visit with friends and family and appreciate life.

    Be safe. Have fun. Thanks for reading TFB.

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