The New Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm Series Rifle Scopes

    Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm

    Not all of us can afford to mount a brand new Leupold or Nightforce variable magnification optic on our rifles (I know I can’t). Nonetheless, the desire to reach out and touch something dictates that we find something within our budgets. To help us with this there is the new Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm series of rifle scopes. Featuring improved glass and multiple available reticles, there should be one that fits your wants and needs.

    Primary Arms @ TFB:

    Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm

    According to the Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm rifle scope product page:

    The Primary Arms 4-16x44mm first focal plane illuminated rifle scope combines one of the most popular magnification ranges for hunting with the features and innovations you’d expect from Primary Arms. At 4x magnification, the wide field of view and daylight bright reticle make tracking a moving target a breeze, while the top end’s 16x magnification allows for unerring precision. The reticle is etched into the first focal plane. This means it is ‘true’ at every magnification, ensuring the ranging, holdovers, and wind holds can be used as long as you can see them.

    Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm


    • First Focal Plane reticle is true at every magnification
    • Partial reticle illumination of the horseshoe and chevron is daylight bright
    • Chevron central aiming point provides an infinitely small aiming point
    • Replaceable power ring fin can be positioned to user preference
    • Zero resettable turrets
    • 30mm main tube
    • Weight: 25.4 Oz. with battery, without lens covers
    • Waterproof, fog resistant, shock resistant
    • Lifetime warranty

    The 4-16x44mm scope body is one of our most advanced to date, offering new innovative features, as well as old favorites. A removable and replaceable fin on the power ring allows for rapid adjustment of the magnification range just like a magnification lever, with the fin’s placement entirely at the operator’s discretion. The improved turrets have tactile and audible 0.1 MIL click adjustments, as well as offering easy reset once you’ve got your zero. The illumination turret offers eleven settings. A smooth parallax adjustment and fast focus eyepiece work together to provide a perfectly crisp image of the target and reticle.

    Featuring clear glass, forgiving eye relief/exit pupil characteristics, and efficient industrial design, the 4-16×44 FFP Scope is backed up by the Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty.

    Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm

    With four different available reticles, the Primary Arms SLx 4-16x44mm series rifle scopes are available for purchase right now for $299 on the Primary Arms website. Is this something you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments below!

    All Images from the Primary Arms website

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