SAAMI Announces Suppressor Thread & Socket Drawings

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    Suppressors have become an incredibly popular firearms accessory in the two previous decades and have gone from relative obscurity to being at the top of almost every hunter’s and shooter’s wishlist. However, many suppressors use wildly different mounting solutions and as a result, you’ll almost always have to dip into a completely different mounting solution environment if you want to switch the type of suppressor that is currently on your gun. SAAMI is aiming to change that with the announcement that they’ve published Suppressor Thread and Socket Drawings in an effort to develop standards for firearm suppressors.

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    SAAMI Announces Development of Suppressor Thread & Socket Drawings

    SAAMI Announces Suppressor Thread & Socket Drawings

    The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute®, Inc., (SAAMI®), is pleased to announce it has developed suppressor thread and socket drawings and made them publicly available, without restriction, on

    “With suppressors gaining in popularity among recreational shooters, SAAMI is leading the way in developing technical and compatibility guidelines for manufacturing this equipment,” said SAAMI President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. “I am proud of the SAAMI team for developing and making this resource publicly available.”

    The development of new suppressor thread and socket drawings aligns with SAAMI’s overall mission to create manufacturing standards that serve industry’s interests of compatibility, reliability and interchangeability. By creating a uniform set of guidelines for both the threads on the muzzle and the internal socket of the suppressor, or other attached device, manufacturers and users can be assured devices compliant to the standards will work together.

    “It is exciting to see SAAMI expanding its reach for the benefit of American sport shooters by providing technical guidance in the field of sound suppression and methods of attachment for muzzle devices,” said Alan Serven, SAAMI’s Senior Director of Technical Affairs.

    SAAMI Announces Development of Suppressor Thread & Socket Drawings

    The new suppressor thread and socket drawings are live on the SAAMI website and there are currently drawings available for everything from 22 rimfires all the way up to .450 caliber centerfire rifle applications. For more information on this program or to access the publically available suppressor thread and socket drawings, you can visit

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