New Optics-Ready XD Slide Kits From Springfield Armory

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
New Optics-Ready XD Slide Kits From Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory has announced optics-cut replacement slides for the XD series of handguns. These optics-ready slides are drop-in replacements for current XD owners who want to add a red dot to their slide without obtaining an aftermarket milling job.

Springfield Armory @ TFB:

Current owners of XD pistols have limited choices for adding red dots to their pistols. Some of the bigger names in the slide milling world do not offer optics cuts for the XD family. Dovetail mounts do exist, but can be difficult to install and less robust than an optics cut. Springfield has addressed these issues by offering the entire slide assembly, pre-cut from the factory and ready to swap onto your gun. The retrofit slides use the OSP mounting system found on other Springfield handguns.

Springfield Armory offers optics-ready XD slide models with or without a Crimson Trace red dot and the appropriate mounting plate. Interestingly, these slide kits can convert .40 caliber and/or 5″ slide models to the 4″ 9mm configuration.

From the manufacturer:

GENESEO, ILL. (07/25/22) – Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of new XD® OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol) Slide Kit and Assembly options for the original XD line of full-size pistols. The 4″ 9mm kit and assemblies provide original XD owners OSP capabilities as well as the ability to convert certain XD models to a full-size 4″ 9mm configuration. The slides, featuring included cover plates, are cut to accept XD-M® OSP optics mounting plates available for a wide range of popular optics.

First up is the XD OSP Slide Kit (part # XD4902), a package that provides users with a complete OSP-cut, full-size XD slide assembly packaged with a recoil spring assembly, barrel and an optics mounting plate in the Springfield Micro™ footprint. This plate accepts optics like the Shield SMSc and allows for co-witnessing with the iron sights. MSRP is $396. With this XD OSP Slide Kit, you can convert several XD variants to a full-size 4″ 9mm configuration featuring OSP capabilities. The kit converts the following:
– XD 5″ 9mm to XD OSP 4″ 9mm
– XD 4″ .40 to XD OSP 4″ 9mm (with purchase of 9mm magazine)
– XD 5″ .40 to XD OSP 4″ 9mm (with purchase of 9mm magazine)

Also available is the XD OSP Slide Assembly (part # XD4901), which includes an OSP-cut slide assembly for an XD 4″ 9mm pistol along with a Springfield Micro footprint optics-mounting plate. It is designed to convert an XD 4″ 9mm to an XD 4″ 9mm OSP, while utilizing the original pistol’s barrel and recoil spring system. With this assembly, you can easily swap out the slide on your 4″ 9mm pistol to gain OSP optics-mounting capabilities. MSRP for the XD OSP Slide Assembly is $270. Also available is an XD OSP Slide Assembly packaged with a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 red dot optic and optic mounting plate (part # XD4903). MSRP for that package is $369. Both XD OSP Slide Assembly offerings convert the following:
– XD 4″ 9mm to XD 4″ OSP 9mm

“With these new XD 4″ 9mm OSP Slide Kit and Slide Assembly conversion systems, Springfield Armory is providing owners of this rugged and proven pistol a means to update their handgun for the use of modern red dot optics,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “In addition, the XD OSP Slide Assembly option allows you to convert other full-size 9mm and .40-cal. variants of the XD into the 4”-barreled 9mm configuration with optics capabilities.”

– XD OSP Slide Kit w/ barrel, recoil assembly and OSP optics mounting plate | XD4902
| MSRP: $396

– XD OSP Slide Assembly w/OSP optics mounting plate | XD4901 | MSRP: $270

– XD OSP Slide Assembly w/ Crimson Trace CTS-1500 and OSP optics mounting plate
| XD4903| MSRP: $369

For more information on the XD OSP Slide Assembly and Kit Conversions, visit

One of these slide kits is in the mail and headed this way. Stay tuned for a full review.

All images courtesy of Springfield Armory

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  • LeftHandOfGod LeftHandOfGod on Jul 27, 2022

    That is a nice photograph right there. Genuinely the first time I looked at an XD and thought to myself "Maybe that thing isn't ugly as I thought."

  • Abel_Archer83 Abel_Archer83 on Aug 11, 2022

    It would be interesting. I've had an XD for almost 15 years and it has never failed me. Through several pistol classes and 3 full seasons of IDPA competition. But honestly for that price I'd get a PSA Dagger.