Argentinian CAT Pistol Reflex Sights with Magnetic Mounting System

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Argentinian CAT Magnetic Mounting System for Pistol Red Dot Sights (1)

An Argentinian company called CAT Aiming Devices has developed a magnetic mounting system that allows attaching reflex sights to pistols without a need for an optics-ready slide. This may sound like not quite a reliable solution, however, the system does not rely only on the strength of its built-in magnet. Let’s take a closer look.

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Argentinian CAT Magnetic Mounting System for Pistol Red Dot Sights (2)

CAT magnetic mounting system includes a replacement rear iron sight which is installed on the host handgun first and apparently aligns the magnetic mount as well as prevents it from slipping off of the pistol. Additionally, the provided installation and adjustment Allen key can be inserted into the mount making the attachment more reliable. Here is a screenshot from the user manual of this product showing the installation procedure.


The following videos demonstrate how a red dot sight with the CAT magnetic mounting system is attached to the pistol slide as well as contain shooting and weapon manipulations footage with the CAT system.

CAT Aiming Devices sell this mounting system in a package with their own SM1 series of red dot sights which are currently available for various models of Bersa and Glock pistols. The model for Glock pistols is called SM1G and it’s available for all generations of Glocks, for G17 and G21 width slides. It is not compatible with MOS slides.

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The CAT SM1G reflex sight has a non-magnified 3.5-MOA red dot with six brightness settings, windage and elevation adjustments in 1-MOA increments, and a 3-hour auto shut-off feature. The single CR2032 battery that this red dot sight is powered by is installed through a side tray and will last 2000 hours “under optimal conditions”. The sight is shockproof and waterproof. It weighs 45grams (1.6oz), has a 17x28mm (.67″x1.1″) lens and overall dimensions of 48x33x27.7mm (1.9″x1.3″x1.1″). No MSRP is mentioned on the company’s website.

I think it would be better if they made the magnetic mounting system available separately for popular pistol reflex sight footprints. What do you think about the CAT magnetic mounting system for handgun reflex sights? How well do you think it will hold the sight in place? For what applications would it be more suitable? Sound off in the comments section below.

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