New Color Options for Masterpiece Arms DS9 Pistol

Tim C.
by Tim C.

When someone mentions Masterpiece Arms a lot of people will instantly think of their MAC-11 clone pistols and carbines. MPA also sells precision rifle chassis systems as well as competition 2011-style pistols in their DS9 series. Up until recently the color pallet of said pistol offerings has left something to be desired, but now MPA has released new DS9 pistol color options.

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The new DS9 pistol color options:

MPA DS9 Hybrid Black and Red
MPA DS9 Hybrid Black and Stainless
MPA DS9 Hybrid Stainless and Blue
MPA DS9 Hybrid Classic Tuxedo


  • Hand-lapped Frame to Slide Fit
  • Special Anodized Aluminum Grip
  • Full Length Light Rail Frame and Slide Machined from Billet – no Forgings.
  • Accuracy X Multi Sight Patented Modular Sight System – Allows customer to change back and forth from Slide Mounted Optics to Iron Sights in Minutes
  • All parts machined from Barstock and Billet. No MIM, Castings or Forgings
  • All Parts machined in USA. Here are the components machined by MPA:

    FrameSlideBarrelBeaver-Tail/Grip SafetyAmbi SafetySlide StopFiring Pin StopEjectorMag-wellAluminum Grip

  • Incredible Accuracy and Reliability
  • Competition Ready
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 9mm Wide Body, Double Stack 1911
  • Steel Lightrail 5″ Frame
  • MPA Machined 7075 Aluminum Grip with Special Anodized Finish (Not cerakote)
  • MPA SS Slide Stop
  • MPA SS Ambi Safety
  • MPA SS BeaverTail
  • Koenig Hammer, Sear and Disconnector
  • Custom Machined Aluminum Trigger Shoe
  • 2.0 lb Trigger Pull (Pistol will ship with a pull weight between 2 lbs 6oz – 2 lbs 10 oz. This will relax to 2 lbs after pistol breakin)
  • TriTop Slide Machining.
  • FGW Slide Serrations with Slide Lightening Cuts for Less Reciprocating Mass
  • Wolff Springs
  • MPA Magwell
  • 5″ MPA 416R Stainless Bull Barrel
  • 1 Piece Stainless Guide Rod
  • (2) MPA Magazines: (1) 140mm & (1) 126mm Magazine
  • This Pistol is available in these configurations:

    Iron Sights – Accuracy X Sight Base with Kensight Bomar Style Adustable Rear Sight and Front Sight Blade orOptics Ready – Accuracy X Red Dot Sight Base (your choice) and Front Sight Blade (Co Witness only Available in Certain Combinations)

The new DS9 pistol color options definitely take an already good-looking pistol and make it, in my opinion at least, look even better. What do you think? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

All images from Masterpiece Arms

Tim C.
Tim C.

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