America’s Rifle – New Retitled Edition of Black Rifle II Book

    America's Rifle M16M4 late Cold War through Global War on Terror

    Christopher Bartocci, the author of “Black Rifle II: The M16 Into the 21st Century” book has acquired the printing rights of the book and has announced its new edition which is retitled “America’s Rifle: M16/M4 late Cold War through Global War on Terror”. The book will be printed by Small Arms Publishing, a new division of Mr. Batrocci’s company Small Arms Solutions.

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    America’s Rifle will contain the same information as the Black Rifle II with the exception of an expanded “About the Author” section. Small Arms Solutions note that America’s Rifle will be printed by the same company that prints books for Collector Grade Publications, the publisher of Black Rifle II, and adds that it means the new book holds that library book quality. Small Arms Solutions also note that getting into the publishing business will allow them to print more books written by Chris Bartocci which will include the next volume of this iconic book series about the AR15 family of weapons – the Black Rifle III (full title is not yet determined). In the below-embedded video, Chris explains the reasons for renaming the new edition and why it has been out of print for a year.

    Currently the “America’s Rifle: M16/M4 late Cold War through Global War on Terror” is available for preorder for $87.95. Additionally, you can place an order for a signed copy that costs $117.95. The prices include the shipping costs and the estimated start of delivery is July 2022.

    For those of you who have read the Black Rifle and Black Rifle II, let us know in the comments section what you think about these books and what you expect to see in the third volume?

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