New Razor Tek Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Knives from Cold Steel

Luke C.
by Luke C.
New Razor Tek Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Knives from Cold Steel

Fixed blade knives seem to be back in vogue these days and I think that’s a good thing. Cold Steel has just unveiled their new Razor Tek fixed blade knives that will come in three different lengths ranging from smaller 4″ blades suitable for everyday carry all the way up to the larger 6.5″ Razor Tek for tasks that require a more meaty blade. Each of these new blades will be made from 4116 stainless steel and will come equipped with a specially designed Secure-Ex sheath.

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New Razor Tek Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Knives from Cold Steel

New Razor Tek Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Knives from Cold Steel

The first two knives in the Razor Tek series will feature a 3mm thick 4116 fine-grain stainless steel blade in 4″ and 5″ lengths. The 4″ Razor Tek takes on a clip point blade shape with no jimping along the length of the spine of the blade until after the sharpened portion ends. Cold Steel says this option is great for self-defense, bushcraft, and field dressing of small game animals. The Razor Tek 4″ blade will be sold for $99.99.

4 Razor Tek

Slightly longer and featuring a different blade style than its 4″ brother is the 5″ Razor Tek. This longer version still features a 3.2mm thick blade but uses a recurve blade style instead of a clip point. Recurve blades are often favored by many as they give you a similar function to blade serrations but without the extra difficulty of sharpening them. The 5″ blade will be sold for $129.99.

5 Razor Tek

Finally, we have the largest of the three new knives. The 6.5″ Razor Tek. Like the 5″ version, the 6.5″ features a recurve blade but in a slightly thicker 4.5mm configuration. This blade is intended to be used for wilderness survival by being a great chopping tool while still being extremely resistant to corrosion due to its stainless steel blade material. The large 6.5″ blade is $199.99 with its dedicated sheath.

6.5 Razor Tek

All three knives feature an ergonomically designed GFN (Glass-Filled Nylon) handle that has what looks like a very aggressive texture which would be good for a secure grip even if your hands are a little sweaty or covered in other liquids that you encounter in the wild. All three blades are available now from the Cold Steel website and currently only come in one handle color. What do you guys think of these new blades? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • EndDClies EndDClies on Apr 23, 2022

    Besides the steel, there is another issue with these knives. The blade tang sits proud of the handle scales. This is an indication of corners cut to save money on production. The scales and blade tang are not blended for a comfortable grip. These knives are a big fail.

  • A Nony Mouse A Nony Mouse on Apr 25, 2022

    Steel that's used in $20 knives and a recurve blade shape that makes a pain to sharpen steel even more difficult. Nice looking knives, but major fail as overall products. Hard no.