Adams Arms Shipping Carbines To Ukraine

    Adams Arms Shipping Carbines To Ukraine

    Carbines for Ukraine (Adams Arms)

    Brooksville, Florida-based Adams Arms have been fulfilling a contract to produce carbines for Ukraine. Adams Arms haven’t stipulated which branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or Security Services the carbines are for but they stated that they have been working on orders for the past few months. The carbines appear to be Adams Arms’s P1 model which has a Picatinny railed gas block with 3 adjustable settings and M4-style furniture. From the footage shown of the rifles, they do not appear to be select fire.

    Adams Arms Shipping Carbines To Ukraine

    P1 Carbine

    Adams Arms shared a video on their Facebook and Instagram pages with the caption: “Another Ukrainian shipment getting ready ship out. A lot of brands throw their rifles out of helicopters to demonstrate durability, ours go to war. Why settle for anything less?” The video showed several racks with M4-pattern carbines ready for shipping.

    “Adams Arms has supported Ukraine and other international customers for years. We have been assembling their latest orders for the last few months,” said Adams Arms President Jason East. “From the onset of the Russian invasion, we have been working around the clock to ensure our shipment of firearms will arrive unmolested and in its entirety. We stand with the people of Ukraine and are proud to know Adams Arms products are going to be used to support the independence of a sovereign nation.”

    Snake Island tribute shirt for Ukraine

    In an earlier social media post Adams Arms said: “In the last few months, we at Adams Arms have been building rifles for Ukrainian orders, and in the last week, we have been working around the clock to ensure that our shipments make it Ukraine, unmolested and in their entirety.” They also announced a “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” t-shirt, a tribute to the Ukrainian Border Guard unit stationed at Zmiinyi “Snake” island – using their last broadcast while reportedly bombarded by Russian navy vessels. The proceeds of the shirt sales will go to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war funds.

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