[IWA 2022] Brownells: The WWSD Crosses the Pond!

    [IWA 2022] Brownells: The WWSD Crosses the Pond!

    WWSD carbine (Alexander Straube)

    If you have been a long-time reader of TFB, the WWSD (What Would Stoner Do) rifle should be familiar to you. In short, it is a project of the two YouTube channels Forgotten Weapons and InRange, in which they tried to follow Eugene Stoner’s original vision for the AR-15 but using modern materials. The result was such a good rifle that Brownells stepped forward and added it to their product catalog. It has been available in the US for a while, and at the end of this week, Europe will follow suit.

    [IWA 2022] Brownells: The WWSD Crosses the Pond!

    Ian McCollum with a WWSD carbine at IWA 2022 (Alexander Straube)

    “It is a well-thought-out rifle and really should fit everyone.” Says Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons, who designed the gun and was invited by Brownells, to celebrate the European release at the IWA.

    Modifications had to be made to ensure EU compliance. The auto-sear cut is missing, and the upper receiver is purely semi-automatic. Also, the official caliber is now. 223 Remington, instead of 5.56x45mm NATO, same round, less military-sounding name. However, the specifications of the rifle remain completely identical to those of the US original.

    WWSD carbine in black (Alexander Straube)

    WWSD carbine in FDE (Alexander Straube)

    “We also proofed the rifles in Germany, to guarantee acceptance by the EU.“ explains Mr. McCollum, who also revealed, that there are still some improvements going on. “As you can see, there are a few M-LOK points missing on the handguard, directly in front of the action. The reason for this is, that the gas tube is right beneath it, making the use of them impossible. So we replaced them with solid material that works as a heatshield and helps to reduce the mirage. This is a difference to the very first models.”

    WWSD carbine (Alexander Straube)

    A closer look at the WWSD carbine’s carbon fiber handguard – note the missing M-LOK slots Ian explained (Alexander Straube)

    The rifle will be available in all of Europe through Brownells’ website, starting this weekend. The price for Germany is set at, €2,500 including VAT. For other countries, this will differ, depending on their local tax  rate. This is not a cheap, but a very reasonable price.

    So why should you buy it? Let us give the last word to Ian: “For me, this is the best possible rifle.”

    Read more about the WWSD carbines here.

    Alexander Straube is a German freelance writer, chief editor of FIPS and author of the book on the German gun debate.

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