Tyrant Designs Drops New Previews of Its Two-Piece Glock Sights

    If you like to keep close tabs on aftermarket Glock accessories you will know that last year Tyrant Designs stated that they would be coming out with their own two-piece set of 7075 aluminum Glock compatible sights. Tyrant Designs recently published new images and details on these sights as well as some upcoming iterations of them that are just around the corner.

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    Tyrant Designs Drops New Previews of Its Two-Piece Glock Sights

    Beginning on March 4th, Tyrant Designs will be releasing their gold and red highlighted sights. These mechanical sights are made from 7075 aluminum which is both durable and corrosion-resistant. The smooth design of the front and back sights means that your holster of choice will receive less wear and your draw will be that much smoother and snag-free.

    Tyrant Designs Drops New Previews of Its Two-Piece Glock Sights

    Enhancing your sights to meet personal preference creates a better situation and offers more benefits for your shooting needs:

    • Improved comfort whether stationary or mobile
    • Glare-free daytime shooting
    • Clean and clear nighttime shooting
    • Heightened accuracy and shot range
    • Increased target visibility

    All of our “Glock iron sights” come with a lifetime warranty. If any issue arises, we will take care of it. Plus, we allow 30-day returns, though that probably won’t be a concern of yours once you experience how well our products work.

    Tyrant Designs Drops New Previews of Its Two-Piece Glock Sights

    According to Cory at Tyrant CNC, the company will initially release the red and gold highlighted two-piece Glock sights on the 4th of March with a front white sight post being made available in just a few weeks after the initial release. Cory also told me that suppressor-height and night sight versions of these two-piece sights will be available as well. The tritium being used in their night sights will be sourced from Night Fision which makes tritium ampules for a wide variety of firearms manufacturers and aftermarket sight producers. The night sights and suppressor height sights should be available within the next two months according to Tyrant Designs.

    Tyrant Designs Drops New Previews of Its Two-Piece Glock Sights

    Each two-piece set of Tyrant Designs Glock compatible sights will be sold for $69.95 for the red and blue configurations. I’m excited to see the new iterations that are coming down, especially the tritium and suppressor-height sights. What are your thoughts on these new and upcoming offerings from Tyrant Designs? Let us know down in the comments!

    All Photos credit Tyrant Designs and Greg Skaz Photography

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