POTD: Swedish Ak4D with Spuhr & Aimpoint

    ak4d spuhr

    POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s daily article series where we try to find pictures that will entertain and educate you. Did you know that credit for the first-ever color photograph taken goes to the mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell? At a lecture in 1861, he unveiled what is to be considered the first durable color photograph. It certainly sounds like an interesting lecture.

    Today there is only one picture on the table, taken in Mali. We have a Swedish Designated Marksman in M90 Desert Camo with the Ak4D, a Swedish modification of the Heckler & Koch G3. Instead of scrapping these rifles, they got a decent upgrade by Spuhr. You can see the adjustable stock and the handguard made by said company, the Aimpoint CS with a magnifying kit all supported by a B&T Atlas bipod. The laser designator is a Steiner DBAL-A2 (AN/PEQ-15A) mounted on the side.  (Source)

    This is a pretty good example of how decent battle rifles can get another round, and survive for years.

    The photo is taken by Mr. Joel Thungren / Försvarsmakten, Swedish Armed Forces.