[SHOT 2022] Act In Black DTAMS, THE14, Cerakote And Lenses

    Act In Black (AIB) were at SHOT Show and they had some night vision housings that are not entirely new but something we have not seen up close until now. Their DTAMS is a modular version of the DTNVS. They also brought out their competitor to the PVS-14 dubbed “THE14”. AIB also showed me their exclusive 50º FOV lenses and shared that they will have exclusive cerakoted DTNVS housings for the American market.

    AIB @TFB

    Their DTAMS (Dual Tube Advanced Modular System) is a modular version of the DTNVS where the monocular pods can be removed and turned into individual night vision monoculars. Sort of like an articulating MOD-3.


    Due to the complexity of this modular connection AIB machined the hinge and connector out of metal.


    Detaching and reattaching the monocular pods is tool less. The pods slide on back to front. Once removed you can attach the dual dovetail battery compartment to independently power the pod.

    The dual dovetails makes the DTAMS monocular sort of like a PVS-18. I like the PVS-18 for its simplicity. No need for a J-Arm and you can flip it over and reattach it to your helmet mount for use with your other eye.

    AIB standalone monocular, THE14, is a PVS-14 replacement. It is lighter than a PVS-14 and features similar stylings as their DTNVS.

    Right now AIB is exploring cerakoting DTNVS housings in assorted colors and patterns. These will be exclusive to the US market.  They will be offered by Steele Industries.

    The last thing AIB showed me was their exclusive 50º FOV lenses. I was impressed. There was no distortion that I could see but like other 50º lenses the exit pupil is rather narrow.

    As soon as your eye shifts laterally the image gets distorted and blurred. Also the eye relief is a bit shorter than regular PVS-14 eyepieces.  At the moment they are only offering them in built units but are entertaining selling them as kits with DTNVS housings. I hope they offer the lenses for sale separately.

    For more information check out Steele Industries and Act In Black.

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