[SHOT 2022] Nosler Introduces New Suppressor Line

    Although like many large companies Nosler was not exhibiting at the SHOT Show 2022, their new suppressor line was announced during the show and probably was initially intended to be released at SHOT. This new product line currently consists of 5.56/.223 and .30 caliber rifle suppressors offered in full-titanium or titanium/aluminum tube material options. Let’s take a closer look at new Nosler suppressors.

    Nosler Suppressors (1)

    We’ve been all about the boom for nearly 70 years. Now, Nosler suppressors turn down the volume without turning down accuracy or performance, so you can protect your hearing, avoid spooking game, and make your favorite rifle more enjoyable to shoot than ever before.

    Nosler Suppressors (3)

    The length of 30-caliber Nosler cans is 7.963” and they weigh 9.2 oz or 13.1 oz depending on the tube material. The 5.56 cans are shorter, 7.533”, and weigh 9 oz or 12.8 oz. The diameter (presumably at the largest portion) of all Nosler suppressors is 1.74″. These cans are compatible with Nosler Muzzle Brakes but can also be installed via a direct thread. The 5.56 cans are threaded with the 1/2×28 thread pitch and the 30-cal Nosler silencers come with 5/8-24 mounting threads. Nosler suppressors are user-serviceable and their design allows replacing baffles without the need of going through a purchase process again. These suppressors are available in black or gray color options. No decibel reduction data is available as of writing this article.

    Nosler Suppressors (2)

    1 – Back Cap; 2 – Blast Chamber; 3 – Blast Baffle; 4 – Baffles

    The 30-caliber Nosler suppressors have MSRPs of $949.99 (SR-30TI) and $699.99 (SR-30ALTI). The 5.56-caliber cans are priced at $899.99 (SR-22TI) and $649.99 (SR-22ALTI). The New Nosler suppressor line will be available in mid-February 2022.

    Pictures by Nosler Inc., www.nosler.com

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