[SHOT 2022] New Double Barreled Airbow from Umarex – The Umarex Airsaber Elite X2

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022

    Straighter than an Arrow

    New for this year from Umarex is the Airsaber Elite X2, a 450fps airbow that generates 130 ft-lbs of energy.  Accurate out past 100 yards, this airbow has serious power on tap.  The most unique feature, however, is that this airbow is double barreled, allowing one to rapidly fire two arrows downrange rapidly, one right into the other if you aim well enough.

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022

    The Airsaber Elite X2 can fire a second shot simply by pressing the barrel selector over and running the cocking handle once more, then pressing the 3lb trigger for a quick follow-up shot.  The Airsaber Elite X2 that Umarex brought out to Industry Day at the Range was very accurate.  In fact, it was so accurate that person after person was “Robin Hooding” their first shot with their second, causing Umarex to go through plenty of their airbow arrows during their demonstration day.

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022, note barrel selector button on left

    Umarex has already taken the Airsabre Elite X2 on plenty of hunts, and harvested plenty of game with this platform. One thing to note is that due to it’s large double barreled airbow chamber, there is a louder report than with the single barrel designs like the Umarex Airjavelin.

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022, Airsaber cocking handle

    The Airsaber Elite X2 is ambidextrous in all of its controls save the cocking handle, which is set up on the right hand side of the platform.  Unlike the Airjavelin, one cannot switch the side of the cocking handle.  The balance of the platform is also quite good, and I did not find loading of the arrows to be at all difficult at the range.  MSRP is $499.  For Slo-Mo video of the Airsaber in Action, head on over to Nick C’s Instagram.

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022

    New PCP Airjavelin

    Also new for this year is a PCP version of the hitherto CO2 powered Airjavelin.  Weighing in at a svelte 4.75lbs, and generating 52 ft-lbs of energy at 370fps, the PCP Airjavelin holds enough air in its 4,500 psi tank to power 25 shots. I also got a chance to try out the PCP Airjavelin and was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is!  MSRP is $319.99.

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022

    Umarex Airbows at SHOT 2022

    For detailed specs and video of the Airsaber and Airjavelin in action, head on over to Umarex USA.


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