[SHOT 2022] Alpha Foxtrot 15rd 9mm 1911-S15 And Other Pistols

    Alpha Foxtrot is a relatively newcomer to the 1911 market. They have been making 1911 parts for 30 years but they are now offering complete firearms. However they have some really interesting offerings that I found intriguing. They are making 1911 pistols chambered in 9mm with some special coatings but the one that really caught my eye is their 1911-S15. It is a 1911 that takes Shield Arms magazines!

    1911 @TFB

    Alpha Foxtrot Metal Framed Glock

    Wait, I thought we were here for 1911s?

    Yes you are. But a little background on Alpha Foxtrot. They are a subsidiary of Dasan manufacturing and are using their aluminum Glock frames for their AF-C pistols.

    The AF-C pistol is the ultimate striker fired pistol with its made of durable Mil-Spec Forged 7075T6 Aluminum Alloy. The 18° 1911 grip angle points naturally and the extended beavertail makes slide bites a thing of the past. Unlike polymer framed pistols that can merely texture ‘gas pedals’ on the side of their frames, we machined generous thumb index rests for your support finger to control the muzzle flip of the pistol.

    Alpha Foxtrot 9mm 1911

    Alpha Foxtrot makes 9mm 1911s. At the moment their website only lists plain Government and Commander length versions. But at Range Day they had some interesting twists on this classic platform.

    The 1911 photographed below is one of the smoothest slide:frame fit I have ever felt. The old adage “smooth as glass” is very applicable. According to Marketing Rep Josh Whi it has a polished DLC coating that aids in the slipperiness.

    My friend Steve was there and he admitted to not being a 1911 fan but he really liked this DLC coated 9mm 1911. It was such a soft shooting and extremely accurate pistol

    Another 9mm 1911 offering that Alpha Foxtrot had was this optic cut version. They are planning to use Glock rear sight dove tail to add the rear cowitnessing iron sight. It will be cut for RMR CC as will the rest of their pistols.


    1911-S15 next to 9mm Commander 1911

    While those 1911s were intriguing, what stole the show was Alpha Foxtrot’s 1911-S15. Take a look at the photo above. The 1911-S15 is smaller than the Commander 1911. And yet it holds 15rds of 9mm! Alpha Foxtrot decided to change the frame on the 1911-S15 to take Shield Arms magazines.

    What blew my mind was that the 1911-S15 grip is thinner than the single stack 1911.

    The 1911-S15 is tiny for a 1911 and without any compromises. It still has a straight pull trigger, light break, grip safety and single action only like you expect out of a 1911.

    Since it uses Shield Arms magazines, you can use mag extensions to get even more capacity.

    The extended magazine is a bit on the long side.


    The 1911-S15 will retail for $1490. It will be coming soon in March. According to Josh Whi they will change the checkering a little bit, the dust cover will go to the end and they are going to give the grip a bob tail since it is so small. They have a pre-order live on their website.

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