[SHOT 2022] Franklin Armory Glock Binary Trigger

    SHOT Show Range Day was all a buzz about the mic that Franklin Armory dropped. They unveiled a Glock binary trigger. Yes, you read that right. A pull/release trigger has been made for use with a Glock. We took a closer look at on the show floor and shot it at range day.

    Franklin Armory @TFB:

    When Franklin Armory came out with their binary trigger, it has always been a dream to have one for a Glock. Until now it seemed like it might not be possible. Well, the engineers at Franklin Armory did it. Life finds a way. The Glock binary trigger is called the G-S173.

    • G = Glock
    • S = Straight trigger
    • 17 = Glock 17
    • 3 = Gen3.

    Franklin Armory will be making their Glock binary trigger for the Glock 17, but this is not going to be a simple trigger swap. In order to have a Glock binary trigger, they performed some sorcery with the slide to work with the trigger. So when you buy a Glock binary, it will come with a slide and trigger. You have to provide your own barrel, frame and recoil spring.

    You can see the Glock binary slide is not the same as a regular Glock 17 OEM slide. There are cuts in the slide to accommodate the magic.

    Just like their other binary triggers, the Glock binary trigger will have a selector switch. It is a rotary selector switch on the left side of the slide. Flip it up for single pull shot. Flip it down for pull/release binary mode.

    Glock binary selector switch

    Franklin Armory had two prototypes on hand. The one below is the nicer looking prototype with an optics cut at the top.

    Below is the other prototype. They are unsure if they will offer an Optics cut or not they are still deciding. I hope they do. They are exploring options with slide cuts as well.

    Shooting The Glock Binary

    Hop of TFBTV shot the Glock binary at SHOW Show Range Day.

    I shot it at Range Day as well. I found the trigger to be a little different than I am used to. But it works. I also filmed close up slow motion of the trigger to see how it moves when manipulated under binary mode. There is some interesting things I learned about this trigger from the high speed.

    If you watch the slow motion footage carefully you can see the trigger resets on release in two stages. It moves forward to about half way and the striker is released to shoot the next round. Then when the slide finishes reciprocating, the trigger is kicked forward to its final position where you proceed to pull the trigger back again for the next shot.

    Franklin Armory is planning to sell the Glock binary G-S173 for $899. While some may have sticker shock, remember a regular binary trigger is around $300 and the HK binary trigger is $700. This makes the slide only an additional $199. You still need to supply your own barrel and recoil spring. They are planning for a Q2 release date.

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