TFB B-Side Podcast: Joe Potter with Mischief Machine

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Joe Potter with Mischief Machine

    Many of you will know Mischief Machine from either TFB or TFBTV. We’ve posted about Mischief Machine’s products before and Mischief Machine even sent in a couple samples of their 3D printed EDC pocket flashlight mounts to TFBTV mailroom for James to try out. What many of you probably don’t know though is that Mischief Machine is really just one man with a dream, a lot of drive, and probably zero sleep. Joe Potter is the sole owner and operator of Mischief Machine and has grown his company substantially since 2017 when he started making 3D printed parts for scopes and optics. Joe is an impressive example of an American entrepreneur making great products purely out of the desire to have something one wants for themselves, and then turning that idea into something other people can buy. Today on the TFB B-Side podcast I talk with Joe about his recently released Alpha Series P365 grip module as well as a couple of his other projects he’s done and a teaser of an upcoming product that will debut just before SHOT Show 2022.

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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Joe Potter with Mischief Machine

    The Mischief Machine Alpha Series P365 Grip Module

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Joe Potter with Mischief Machine

    Today on the TFB B-Side podcast we have Joe Potter, owner, and operator of Mischief Machine. Mischief Machine opened up in 2017 with the simple goal of making and selling affordable 3D-printed throw levers for optics but has since then grown into a company that creates and sells precision-machined billet aluminum parts including their recently released Alpha Series P365 Grip Module. Joe Potter has vastly grown his operation since the introduction of his grip module and today I talk with him a little bit about his origins and his journey from the start of the Alpha Series up to now where he has even bigger plans further down the pipeline.

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