Stickthison Texas Drops New Unity AR Full-Size PVC Patch

    Stickthison Texas Drops New Unity AR Full Size PVC Patch

    Patches are somewhat of a novelty within the firearms community. Most reputable companies and outfits (TFB included) will often generate some patches to give out to customers or supporters and people generally tend to like to stick them on their gear, bags and even patch walls. Maybe patches just aren’t your thing but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t found ways to take patches well beyond their original intent. Stickthison Texas has just dropped their latest novel patch offering – a 15″ Wide Unity AR Full-Size 3D PVC Patch.

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    Stickthison Texas Drops New Unity AR Full Size PVC Patch

    Stickthison Texas Drops New Unity AR Full-Size PVC Patch


    • Material: Thick, 3D, PVC
    • Size: 15″W
    • Backing: Hook/Loop Velcro Backing
    • Each Bagged, tagged and carded.
    • LIMITED TO 100

    The patch features an FDE handguard, stock, magnifier, lower, and pistol grip. Meanwhile, the upper receiver, muzzle device, EOTech optic, and windowed magazine are in grey to contrast the rest of the large patch. Because of a combination of the novelty and no doubt the cost of construction, these fully hook and loop-equipped monstrous patches will only be made in a single run of 100 pieces. If you’re a patch fiend and want one of these to hang in your gun room or maybe even the headliner of your truck (if it’ll stick) then you should probably hop on over to to claim yours before they run out.

    Stickthison Texas Drops New Unity AR Full Size PVC Patch

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