Concealed Carry Corner: Gift Ideas For The Concealed Carrier

    Concealed Carry Corner: Gift Ideas For The Concealed Carrier

    With Black Friday right around the corner and Christmas not far behind that, it’s important to start looking at gift ideas for that shooter in your life. There are some great Black Friday deals out there with various companies planning on discounting products that otherwise may not get a discount throughout the year. Even if you’re just picking up some new gear for yourself, purchasing on Black Friday can save you some serious cash. Let’s look at some gift ideas for the concealed carrier.

    Quality Holsters

    By now, I feel like I’m just beating a dead horse about having a quality holster. With the amount of reputable companies running sales anywhere from 15% to 30% off holsters, there’s really no excuse to not snag a quality holster for daily carry. Companies like Tier 1 Concealed, ANR Design and T-REX Arms will all typically have sales, so those are great places to pick up a new holster for yourself.

    If Kydex holsters aren’t your jam, there are plenty of online retailers who have sales with leather holsters being part of their storewide sales. Grabbing something from Galco, Desantis or other manufacturers is a great way to get a high level of quality without breaking the bank. It’s still fairly early for companies to release their Black Friday sales, but it can be easier to check certain websites if you have a thought-out list of items you need beforehand.

    Aftermarket Options

    Aftermarket upgrades aren’t for everyone when it comes to their concealed carry handgun. Some like to leave it as stock as possible, while others like to upgrade for that truly “one of a kind” feel. While items like upgraded triggers, slide cutting packages, and Cerakote are all great options, here are the easiest upgrades to find deals for Black Friday.


    Having extra magazines whether it’s for daily carry or for the range always makes life easier. Places like GunMag Warehouse are planning on having sales for all rifle and pistol magazines, which makes it really easy to pick up a spare magazine or two for that shooter in your life. With the exception of some high-end competition magazines, most magazines are fairly affordable with the highest being the SIG and HK models. Most Glock models though can be found most times in the $20-30 which is manageable for most budgets. This is a great way to support and help out without investing a ton of money into them each year.

    Baseplates And Simple Items

    Another great item that keeps costs down is finding simple add ons that anyone can put on. Having a metal baseplate or extended base plates can be a cheaper option to a firearm or holster, but still is a thoughtful option. Purchasing something like a baseplate for a concealed carrier can be another way of slightly improving your setup and offering a bit of functionality.

    Certain things like an extended slide release for Glock pistols or a gas pedal attachments for the SIG P320 are another option for certain individuals as well. Before ordering these accessories, it’s always good to judge what level of interest the person has in them. For shooters like myself, people know how much I enjoy shooting sports, but I personally don’t enjoy the enhanced slide release or thumb support pegs offered today. I don’t often talk about my opinion on this subject so people wouldn’t know one way or another so always put your feelers out before ordering gifts like this.

    Range Ammo

    No matter how much you shoot and what your experience is, there’s no such thing as too much ammo. Whether it’s a single box of range ammo or a bulk case of 1,000, ammo for a gift is one of the simplest yet rewarding gifts around. If you know nothing about different types of sights, or aftermarket parts buying ammo is for sure a safe bet.

    Some of the best gifts I remember getting throughout the years were different ammo types I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on my own. Ultimately that ammo was a great option and I have picked it up a few times since, so gifts can sometimes broaden your horizons with certain ammo choices. Some will say this is an easy out for a gift but I have never complained about getting ammo for a gift from friends or family.

    Training Courses

    Training courses are hands down the most expensive items on this list but by far the most beneficial. There are a number of training courses out there ranging in difficulty which challenges even the most experienced shooters. In most cases, training companies will offer Black Friday sales for their classes in the next year cycle.

    If training courses are too expensive for a gift for that shooter in your life, there are several companies that offer gift cards to help pay for part of their classes. Companies such as FieldCraft Survival have options on their websites for gift certificates, so you only have to pay for a portion rather than an entire class. Training may be a bit intimidating to some people, but starting at a beginner class will take things slowly and gradually work up in skills. It’s a great way to push yourself while being supervised by professional trainers.

    Overall Thoughts

    Buying for that certain gun person in your life can definitely be tough if you don’t know where to start. Certain items like magazines, ammo and small accessories are usually safe bets. If you want to pick up something somewhat more expensive there are always a wide variety of training courses available. No matter what you ultimately decide, it’s always a great feeling to be supported and get gifts related to your hobbies.

    Let me know what you guys think about getting gifts from relatives when it comes to shooting. Do you enjoy getting gifts related to shooting or do you prefer to buy your own gifts? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below. If you have questions about carry gifts or firearms in general don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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