Lighting Review: 3DTarget.FR Makes 3D Printed Ruger Precision Goodies

    I have and love my Ruger Precision Rifle and Ruger Precision Rimfire rifles. They are some of my most favorite firearms in my collection. I am a member of a couple Facebook groups that focus on these two firearms. That is where I discovered Arnauld Heinrich of 3DTarget.FR. He makes a few interesting accessories for the Ruger Precision platform using 3D printing.

    3DTarget Bolt Holster

    This is something I have actually been wanting for a while. It is a sleeve to protect your bolt when you remove the bolt from the gun. I know this may not be for everybody and some of you may be asking to yourselves “why would you remove the bolt from the gun in the first place?” Well, there are a number of reasons. One reason is possibly competition. I have been told some ranges and matches require shooters to remove the bolts out of their gun for certain reasons. My reasons are more of a practical nature. The Ruger Precision stock folds to make the gun shorter but it folds to the left which adds additional width to the gun especially with the bolt handle sticking out to the right.

    I use a Savior Equipment double rifle case to bring my guns to the range. Often I have a second gun in there because I have to test something and I like to maximize my time so I try to do as much as possible during my range trips.

    You can see below, how the stock and bolt handle push the rifle case open quite a bit.

    Even when I press in the sides to close the bag, the bolt handle gets in the way.

    So that is why I got the 3DTarget bolt holsters for both my 6.5 Creedmoor and .22LR Ruger Precision rifles. I like to remove the bolts from my guns and put them in the front pockets when I am traveling. I was always concerned about having the bolts unprotected in the pockets. Now I do not have to worry anymore. I ordered them in bright orange so they are easier to see in the dark black Multicam rifle case. 3DTarget.FR only makes a .308 bolt holster but since the 6.5 Creedmoor bolt is the same, it fits just fine. You can see he modeled the bolt holster to have a cut so you lock the bolts in place.

    3DTarget bolt holder

    He has a cutout to keep the bolt in place.

    Ruger Precision Rimfire M-LOK Brass Catcher

    The other 3D-printed accessory that I ordered from 3DTarget.FR is his QD M-LOK brass catcher.

    The brass catcher is comprised of two parts. Below you can see the M-LOK mounted arm. It is split at the rear to aid in removing the brass catcher cage. Just squeeze the split ends together and slide the cage off the arm.

    I was a little concerned that the brass catcher would be too close to the bolt handle but that is not the case as you can see below. Plenty of space for my hand to grab and manipulate the bolt.

    Other 3DTarget accessories

    Arnauld makes other 3D printed accessories. Most of them are for the Ruger Precision Rimfire. Below is a 10rd magazine coupler.

    Photo by

    Here are his replacement bolt handles. He has a grenade style and bullet-shaped bolt knobs.

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    Below is his mag extension. Now, these are merely cosmetic they give the BX-1 magazine the profile of a 15 round BX-15 magazine.

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    I thought this is rather clever. It is for 50 rd boxes of .22LR ammo. Typically they have a tray that you can lift all the rounds out. Well, his bullet riser lets you lay that tray on top and it will raise the rounds in alternate rows making it easier to pull them out for loading mags or single feed.

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    Arnauld also makes an M-LOK round holder.

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    Here is his bag rider.

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    The .22LR bolt holster and brass catcher were $25 each and the larger .308 bolt holster was $35. It was only $12 to ship it from France to me. Really not terrible pricing. If you are interested go check out his website. The website is in French but if you email Arnauld he does respond in English.

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