NEW Subcompact Mossberg MC2sc Double-Stack 9mm Pistol

Luke C.
by Luke C.
The New Subcompact Mossberg MC2sc Double-Stack 9mm

A new subcompact 9mm pistol has just hit the market from Mossberg – the MC2sc. The MC2sc is the next iteration in the MC series of 9mm pistol but this model adds more capacity and features to the lineup in ways previous iterations of the MC never did. The MC1sc was released during a time when the concept of the micro-compact 9mm was at its peak. Now, the MC2sc has all the features that the modern concealed carry market is after, hopefully giving the market more variety and options for customers to choose from.

Mossberg @ TFB:

The New Subcompact Mossberg MC2sc Double-Stack 9mm

NEW Subcompact Mossberg MC2sc Double-Stack 9mm Pistol

Mossberg has expanded its popular MC2 lineup with a new subcompact 9mm… the MC2sc. Double-stack magazines provide a slim, compact profile that offers 11+1/14+1 or 10+1 capacity, and an optics-ready slide allows easy direct mounting of Micro Dot optics.

The new MC2sc has a load of features that make it worth considering perhaps over other options in this class and category of 9mm pistols. The slide is made from 416 stainless steel with a black DLC finish, forward and rear slide serrations, and most notable of all an optics-ready slide. What sets the MC2sc apart from other optics-ready micro-compact 9mm handguns is that Mossberg has somehow managed to get the optics to mount so low that you can get a complete co-witness with the standard 3-dot sights that Mossberg ships the MC2sc with. This is an awesome feature and eliminates the need for co-witness height sights. For those eager to figure out the pricing right out of the gate, Mossberg has listed the pistol for an MSRP of $555 with standard sights or $663 with tritium night sights.

The New Subcompact Mossberg MC2sc Double-Stack 9mm

The frame of the MC2sc remains largely the same as other iterations of the MC series and can be had with or without a cross-bolt safety and is constructed from high-tensile strength glass-reinforced polymer and features Mossberg’s aggressive grip texturing and a slight palm swell that gives the user a good grip on the gun without compromising the pistol’s concealability. The new pistol will make use of Shield RMSc, and JPoint footprints for its optics mounting and will ultimately come in 5 different configurations with two of those being restrictive state compliant models (10-round and MA compliant). Holsters will be available on the day of launch according to Mossberg as they have put in the leg work with several holster manufacturers to provide customers with immediate access to accessories upon launch.

TFBTV presenter Hop has had early access to the pistol for a short amount of time and his first impressions on it are quite favorable, if you’d like to see his first impressions review, you can watch it on TFBTV below.

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  • M Bear M Bear on Oct 25, 2021

    I completely forgot about this dumpster fire. Does it still have the retarded crossbolt safety?

    • TheTwizz TheTwizz on Oct 25, 2021

      @M Bear That crossbolt was an "option". I have the original Mc1sc without it. Its an excellent single stack micro 9 that directly competed with anything on the market at the time. Like all single stack micros they're outdated now but none the less, it was a great gun then and still is.

  • The_Quartermaster The_Quartermaster on Oct 25, 2021

    No Mossberg pistols are listed allowed for sale in California.