X-Vision Optics Introduce 4x PRISM Sight

    (X-Vision Optics)

    Red Wing, Minnesota-based X-Vision Optics have introduced their affordable PRISM PSRD1, a 4-power optic with an illuminated reticle with three color options (red, blue, and green). The PRISM has a 12 yd @ 100 yd field of view and a battery life of 20 hours.

    PRISM Sight (PSRD1) (X-Vision Optics)

    PRISM Sight (PSRD1) (X-Vision Optics)

    Here’s what X-Vision Optics have to say about the PRISM:

    The PRISM Sight (PSRD1) provides precise accuracy at an extended range with its 4x magnification capability. The PRISM Sight features a multi-coated lens for pristine optical clarity up to 600 yards. The device is equipped with an illuminated reticle and with three color options (red, blue, and green) along with three brightness settings for each color. As you twist the dial on top, you can choose the blue, red, or green color reticle of your choice and the brightness setting that you prefer. With the adjustable brightness control, you can see your reticle in low light conditions.

    “It’s durable, reliable and affordable. It’s everything you need in a sight. I keep the PRISM mounted on my gun at the farm and can rely on the quick target acquisition when needed” Chris Shimek, X-Vision Optics Owner.

    The PRISM Sight features an absolute co-witness of 37.5 millimeters. A 1.26 in (32 mm) objective lens provides for quick target acquisition. Its mount height of 1.48 in (37.5 mm) absolute cowitness makes this sight perfect for any type of platform. When mounted, you’ll find the windage and elevation on the side and top of the unit. Use these to zero in your sight. Each adjustment increment is one quarter moa per click.

    The PRISM Sight is durable and compact with a sealed design for 100% fog-proof and waterproof protection. The PRISM Sight features a picatinny mount. You’ll receive up to 20 hours of reticle illumination with one CR2032 battery. Additionally, the product includes a CR2032 battery, protective lens covers, cleaning cloth, and hex wrench.

    X-Vision have also put together a short video on the sight:


    Tri-Color (Red, Green, Blue) Mil-Dot reticle with adjustable brightness control

    Magnification: 4x

    Objective diameter: 1.26 in (32 mm)

    Adjustment increment: ¼ MOA per click

    Field of view: 12 yd @ 100 yd

    Battery life: 20 hours

    Operates on one CR2032 battery

    Length: 6 in (15.2 cm)

    Weight: 1.2 lb (0.56 kg)

    (X-Vision Optics)

    MSRP for the optic is $109.99. To learn more about X-Vision Optics’ PRISM  – PSRD1 visit xvisionoptics.com

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