The RFP875 Multi-Purpose Rangefinder from X-Vision Optics

    The cheap and affordable rangefinder has seen a lot of progress over the 25 some odd years since they were first introduced to the civilian market and X-Vision Optics has just presented yet another addition to the market. The X-Vision Optics RFP875 is a multi-purpose rangefinder that features standard, fog, golf, and hunting modes that make it an affordable and effective laser rangefinder capable of reaching out to 875 yards.

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    The RFP875 Multi-Purpose Rangefinder from X-Vision Optics (5)

    The RFP875 Multi-Purpose Rangefinder from X-Vision Optics

    The 6x magnification is pretty generous and should provide the user with a decent view downrange up to several hundred yards. The RFP875 features multiple modes of operation including rain mode for days when the weather is trying to send you back inside and can even handle a decent amount of fog at distances greater than 30 meters. Golf mode provides players with the ability to pick out a flag because the mode prioritizes near targets rather than far targets. Finally, hunt mode gives the RFP875 preference for the further target and avoids interfering objects like bushes and trees so you can get the most accurate ranging on your next kill. The RFP875 is sold for $208.99 making it a nicely featured budget option for laser rangefinders.

    The RFP875 Multi-Purpose Rangefinder from X-Vision Optics (3)

    The Rangefinder RFP875 is, without a doubt, one of the best rangefinders on the market for under $200.00 . . .lightweight and compact, and with four different modes, this easy-to-use rangefinder is capable of everything I need. Overall, you aren’t going to find a better-quality rangefinder for the price”

    -Chris Shimek, X-Vision Optics Owner

    • Ranging Distance: 875 yd / 800 m
    • Multiple modes: standard, rain, golf, hunting
    • Angle measurement range: 90 degrees
    • Range Accuracy +/-1 degree
    • Magnification: 6x
    • Effective Lens Diameter: 0.67 in / 21 mm
    • Exit Pupil: 0.13 in / 3.3 mm
    • Eye Relief: 0.67 in / 17 mm
    • IPX5 waterproof rating
    • PDLC Smart Glass Display
    • Power Supply: CR2-3v
    • Battery Life: 2,500 measurements
    • Unit Size: 3.75 x 1.25 x 3 in / 9.52 x 3.18 x 7.62 cm
    • Weight: 0.35 lb / 0.16 kg
    • Color: Black

    • Reloader
    • SCSA Competitor
    • Certified Pilot
    • Currently able to pass himself off as the second cousin twice removed of Joe Flanigan.
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