Arcflash Labs Introduces the GR-1 ANVIL Handheld Gauss Rifle

    Arcflash Labs Introduces the GR-1 ANVIL Handheld Gauss Rifle

    The folks over at Arcflash labs are excited to announce the introduction of the world’s first and only handled Gauss rifle – the GR-1 ANIVL. The GR-1 is a high-energy Gauss rifle capable of producing up to 100 Joules (75 ft-lbs) of muzzle energy – similar to that of an air rifle. The GR-1 is being marketed as a novel armament concept to circumvent the need for gunpowder, avoid firearms infringement and provide a new way to arm yourself. Better yet, Arcflash has put their GR-1 ANVIL into production and it is currently available for pre-order.

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    Arcflash Labs Introduces the GR-1 ANVIL Handheld Gauss Rifle

    The Arcflash ANVIL is a semi-automatic high voltage Gauss rifle. According to Arcflash, it is currently the most powerful coilgun to ever be sold to the public and it is also very likely to be the most powerful handheld coilgun to ever be built. Although the company recommends the use of 0.5″ armatures (the projectile) of specific predetermined sizes, any ferromagnetic projectile smaller than 1/2″ in diameter can be used with the ANVIL.

    The Gauss rifle will be powered by a 6S LiPo battery which will deliver 40 shots per charge via its 8 HV electrolytic capacitors. Each magazine for the anvil can house 10 shots and the rifle can be fired up to a maximum rate of 100 rounds per minute (realistically around 20 rounds per minute). While barely as powerful as a PCP air rifle, the technology shows promise and at the very least, novelty.

    Arcflash Labs Introduces the GR-1 ANVIL Handheld Gauss Rifle

    To order a GR-1 Anvil, potential customers must first sign a full liability waiver before the rifle is shipped. The charger, magazines, and ammunition will be sold separately from the rifle itself which has a current pre-order price of $3,375.00. The rifle will come fully assembled and ready to use with your ammunition and magazines.

    It’s not a matter of if, but when gunpowder will be succeeded. It’s a one thousand year old technology. It works fine. But we think we’ve got something better. There’s tremendous potential here, but the technology is still in its infancy.

    David Wirth, Co-Founder of Arcflash Labs

    One of the chief concerns of Gauss rifles or rail guns is the absolutely bonkers amount of stored electricity within the capacitors that is needed to fire a projectile at any meaningful speed. If your body happens to close the gap between the rails or the coils then you’re in for a bad day – that is why the development of the technology is coming along at such a slow pace.

    Arcflash Labs Introduces the GR-1 ANVIL Handheld Gauss Rifle

    As to the efficacy of the GR-1 as a weapon, you’re actually looking at about 101 joules of energy on target which is still just a few joules shy of .22 Short (for comparison .45 ACP can deliver 483 J on target with .22LR delivering somewhere in the neighborhood of 178 J). So what are your thoughts on this type of novel weapon? Do you think the technology holds promise? Let us know down in the comments. I’ve had personal experience building similar rigs in college and I have to say that despite its lack of lethality the GR-1 is quite impressive regardless (if not a bit heavy).

    GR-1 ANVIL Accelerator Specifications

    • Primary power source 6S LiPo (40+ shots per charge)
    • Power supply 1000W (CQR)
    • Capacitors 8x HV electrolytic
    • Switches 9x HV SCR
    • Projectile 10-12mm x[variable] alloy steel
    • Armature Capacity 10 round magazines
    • Rate of fire up to 100 rounds/min
    • Muzzle velocity 75 m/s
    • Muzzle energy 85J
    • Efficiency 2.8%

    Physical Dimensions

    • Barrel length 26”
    • Bore 0.5”
    • Physical Dimensions 38.0” x 8.0” x 3.0”
    • Overall Weight (unloaded, no battery) 20 lbs

    • Reloader
    • SCSA Competitor
    • Certified Pilot
    • Currently able to pass himself off as the second cousin twice removed of Joe Flanigan.
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