Boyds Gunstocks Introduces Models for Zastava M70

    Boyds Gunstocks Introduces Models for Zastava M70 1

    Boyds Gunstocks is the world’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket wooden firearms furniture. They’ve been in business for four decades and grown massively in that time. You can buy stocks they already have in their inventory, from their site’s “Rapid Fire” catalogue, or use their Configurator Tool to custom-build your personal one-off. This hardwood specialist shop’s list of supported firearms makes and models is already impressively long, but they continue to expand it. They’ve just announced the addition of options for the Zastava M70 bolt-action rifle (not to be confused with some of their AK models that also carry an M70 designation).

    Boyds Gunstocks @ TFB:

    Your Zastava M70 bolt-action can now be customized with fifteen different gunstock models in fourteen color options.

    Your Zastava M70 bolt-action can now be customized with fifteen different gunstock models in fourteen color options.

    The Zastava M70 bolt-action rifle is one of the few firearms made by this noted Serbian manufacturer which isn’t an AK. Zastava’s hunting-focused Sporting Rifle LK M70 is offered in eight calibers: .22-250 Remington, .270 Winchester, .30-06, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .300 Win Mag, 7x57mm, and .458 Winchester Magnum. Now if you want to customize your M70’s stock, Boyds has you covered with fifteen shapes and fourteen colors, from a starting price of $227. Read more about this storied stock-maker in an excerpt from their website’s “About Us” writeup, as shown below.

    Boyds Gunstocks Introduces Models for Zastava M70

    Be advised: these stocks are for Zastava’s LK M70 bolt-action (top), not to be confused with their M70 AKs (bottom).

    About Boyds

    Celebrating 40 Years of Gunstocks, Mitchell, S.D. | Started in 1981 as a one-man operation, Boyds Gunstocks has grown into the largest aftermarket gunstock manufacturer in the world employing over 100 talented craftsmen and women, offering aftermarket gunstocks in over 155 different gun brands and over 1,200 models within those brands.  Dustin Knutson and Rob Carstensen, long-time employees at Boyds Gunstocks have become the two new owners.  “40 years says a lot about how we do business and how satisfied our customers are; they continue to support us year after year,” says Dustin Knutson, “Nobody can offer the huge selection and variety of stocks that we offer”.

    After 40 years in business, we’re not slowing down! In 2021 alone, we’ve added 11 new models, laser engraving options for two additional stock shapes, & over 30 new Accessories including Boyds Gear! Thank you for your continued support throughout the years!

    Images courtesy of Boyds Gunstocks and Zastava Arms.
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