Australian FGC-9 Pops up in NSW Police Firearms Crackdown

    Australian FGC-9 Pops up in NSW Police Firearms Crackdown

    The FGC-9 is a 3D-printed firearm designed by JStark1809 of Deterrence Dispensed that is easily made even in countries where firearms gun control is extreme. A recent “crackdown” from New South Wales (NSW) Police resulted in two Australian FGC-9 guns being seized along with a smattering of other items that were reportedly stolen.

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    Australian FGC-9 Pops up in NSW Police Firearms Crackdown

    Police have seized two 3D-printed submachine guns, nine stolen cars and explosives during a crackdown on prohibited firearms in NSW. In dawn raids yesterday, officers searched homes in Georges Hall and Brighton Le-Sands and businesses in Bankstown, with a 38-year-old man arrested. A 21-year-old man was also arrested during a raid on a home at Woy Woy on the Central Coast on Wednesday and is expected to be charged. Police seized another firearm, ammunition, luxury watches, mobile phones, handcuffs, $20,000 in cash, and nine allegedly stolen vehicles.

    Despite the heavy gun regulations that exist across most of Australia, 3D printed firearms repositories are by design very easy to access regardless of your global location. Even more impressive is that 3D-printed firearms like the FGC-9 can be made using virtually no commercially available firearm parts that would otherwise be regulated in countries like Australia.

    It is unfortunate that these particular Australian FGC-9 showed up in the hands of what appear to be members of organized crime (on account of the explosives and stolen cars). The seizure took place as part of an effort by the NSW police to track down and investigate the manufacture and supply of prohibited firearms that have been popping up across the state. The largest concern for the police is of course the availability and proliferation of 3D printed firearms as well as the explosives that were seized.

    Below is a video from the NSW Police with a statement from Superintendent Rob Critchlow and other members of the Australian Federal Police on the seizure of these firearms and the resultant discoveries made by the raid.

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