OSS Introduces A Quieter and Cleaner RAD 22 Suppressor

    OSS Introduces A Quieter and Cleaner RAD 22 Suppressor

    OSS is known for its unique approach to suppressor design which mitigates blowback. The Flow-Baffles have seen a recent generational improvement and have been added to the RAD 22 rimfire suppressor to create the new and Improved RAD 22. The new RAD 22 claims to be both quieter and cleaner than its predecessor while still providing the user with a more comfortable shooting experience by directing gasses away from the shooter rather than back in their face.

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    OSS Introduces A Quieter and Cleaner RAD 22 Suppressor

    Millcreek, UT – May 24, 2021 OSS Suppressors has introduced a new version of their popular rimfire suppressor – the RAD™ 22. Designed with OSS’s next generation Flow-Baffles™, the RAD 22 builds on their advanced Flow-Through ® technology to deliver unmatched performance for rimfire shooters.

    “Our engineers were amazed how light and quiet the new RAD 22 was with the next gen Flow-Baffles,” said Jake VanAllen, Director of Commercial and LE Sales. “It’s an ounce lighter and 2-4 dB quieter on a Ruger Mark IV than the most popular .22 suppressor!”

    OSS’s innovative Flow-Baffle design directs expanding gases away from the bore-line, and radial grooves route them forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter. This means the RAD 22 runs quieter and cleaner than other rimfire cans, and is easy to disassemble and reassemble without special tools or indexing.

    RAD 22 Specifications:

    • Made with titanium and 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel, it measures 5.57” and weighs 5.5 oz
    • Delivers 114-118 dB performance at shooter’s ear on most rimfire rifles and pistols
    • Full-Auto rated for 22LR, 22 magnum, 17 HMR up to 5.7
    • Uses a ½x28 thread pitch to connect directly to the host firearm
    • MSRP $449 – available at Silencer Shop and Authorized OSS Dealers

    OSS Introduces A Quieter and Cleaner RAD 22 Suppressor

    The price on the RAD 22 is extremely attractive for a rimfire suppressor and the fact that it is also rated for full-auto with the 5.7x28mm round makes it extremely versatile. Back at Gun Fest 2021 the TFB and TFBTV crews were able to get some hands-on time with OSS suppressors and the disassembly and reassembly process is extremely straightforward and easy. I think the improved RAD 22 would make for a great first rimfire suppressor for shooters of any experience level.

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