HRF Concepts RAMP For ModButton Lite

    The ModButton Lite has taken off like a wildfire in California. It is a modular tape switch for your SureFire Scout Light compatible lights or a laser that uses an Insight/Crane plug. Since the ModButton Lite is modular, HRF Concepts have made a mount to angle the ModButton Lite. They call it the RAMP (Remote Angled Mod Platform).

    Photo by HRF Concepts

    Earlier I wrote about the Unity Tactical Hot Button. It is a remote tape switch made of aluminum and has a ramped button. Below you can see a normal ModButton Lite positioned directly behind the Hot Button.

    The Unity Tactical Hot Button is a great option but some people want modularity. Also, the Hot Button is only available in 7″ cables for SureFire or laser.  Modlite offers their ModButton Lites with a 4.5″ cable. I find that I rarely need to have such a long cable and dislike the excess amount of cable on the Unity Tactical Hot Button.

    Now with the HRF RAMP, you can convert a ModButton Lite into a switch that functions similar to a Hot Button. The HRF RAMP is a 3D printed set of angled side pieces that hold your ModButton Lite at an angle. You simply unscrew the factory screws from the ModButton Lite and the side panels can be removed.

    HRF Ramp with PEQ15

    Photo by HRF Concepts


    You can stack another ModbuttonLite behind the RAMP-equipped button and have a compact and very ergonomic setup.

    Photo by HRF Concepts

    Unity Tactical Hot Button vs HRF RAMP with ModButton Lite.

    One major benefit to using the ModButton Lite with HRF Concepts RAMP is that you can orient the button with the cable sticking out to the right or left. Just rotate the switch 180º when you install the RAMP. The Hot Button has the cable stick out the front which can be less desirable for certain positions.

    The one nice aspect about the Hot Button over the ModButton Lite is that the SureFire version of the Hot Button has a constant on switch. It is a click switch under the rubber boot. Another minor issue with the RAMP is that it is thick since it is polymer rather than aluminum. It does not fit with a MAWL without modification. Whereas the Hot Button was designed to fit the MAWL.

    The ModButton Lite does not have this feature so it is momentary only. The HotButton also has a metal semi-circular shroud to prevent accidental activation. The ModButton Lite uses a flush button/boot so it does not need that crenelated shroud. This actually makes it better for unconventional positions.

    My friend inverts a ramped ModButton Lite to activate his ATPIAL-C laser. The top ramped button is for activating the Modlite equipped Scout Light on the side. He is left-handed and simply uses his right hand thumb to fire the light while his right index finger pulls the bottom switch to activate the laser.

    The HRF Concepts RAMP retails for $25. That is just the cage side panels. It is currently in stock on the ModLite website and HRF Concepts will restock on May 18th. To learn more go to HRF Concepts’ website.

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