New Meopta MeoPro Air High-Definition Binoculars

    New High-Definition MeoPro Air Binoculars Released by Meopta

    Meopta Optics has just announced the release of their newest binoculars – the MeoPro Air. As winter crosses into spring and more and more outdoor sportsmen start to venture out into their favorite hunting spots, there will inevitably be an increase in risk with regards to avoiding shooting the wrong thing. A great way to prevent this is to positively identify your prey before you shoot it. Binoculars are a great way to keep an eye out for targets while reducing eye fatigue, and they also happen to be more portable than most spotting scopes are. The MeoPro Air binoculars will come in two different configurations with different levels of magnification.

    New Meopta MeoPro Air High-Definition Binoculars

    New from Meopta for 2021 is the MeoPro Air binocular. Its rubber-reinforced magnesium body has a modern look and its ergonomic shape, with an open bridge, fits excellently into your hand. The optical system uses fluoride HD components, providing a sharp image of the highest quality. MeoPro Air binoculars are extraordinarily resistant to moisture, dust, temperature fluctuation and impact.

    • Premium European optics
    • Mangesium body
    • Rubber reinforcement
    • Magnesium alloy chassis
    • HD optical system
    • Open-hinge design
    • Focusing knob and dioptre adjustment in one

    “The Air takes the MeoPro line to the next level of performance, It has a new, modern look and feel. The open-bridge design is extremely comfortable and easy to hold for prolonged periods while glassing, and the optical performance is simply unparalleled at this price point.”

    New High-Definition MeoPro Air Binoculars Released by Meopta

    The new MeoPro Air Binoculars are available and shipping now in two configurations. You can opt for a 10×24 or 8×24 configuration for $999.00 and $979.00 respectively. Binoculars are a great way to get positive target identification and could prevent you from making a costly mistake should a game warden come across one of your kills out in the field and it turns out that 8 pointer was actually a young buck standing in front of a short tree.

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