Brown Star Concepts RapidTac Adjustable Foregrip

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    Brown Star Concepts (BSC) is a new company that has entered the market of firearm accessories with a product called RapidTac foregrip. This grip consists of two main components – the semi-circular base ring and the grip itself. The ring is mounted to M-LOK or KeyMod handguards/rails and the grip can be rotated 180 degrees around the ring and be fixed at any point on the ring. Let’s take a closer look.

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    The adjustment of the grip position is a quick and toolless process. It is just a matter of unlocking the grip by rotating it quarter-turn counterclockwise around its axis, sliding it to the desired position on the ring, and rotating it back clockwise to tighten it against the ring. The mechanism consists of two levers that apply and relieve tension to/from the ring depending on the position of the lug inside the grip.

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    Besides allowing you to set the grip at the most optimal angle for you, the quick-adjust design of the RapidTac foregrip also allows changing its position in a matter of seconds to adjust to different shooting positions or to index the gun on various barricades as shown in the below-embedded video.

    The Brown Star Concepts RapidTac foregrip is made of hard-coat anodized 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber. The grip is available in the following color options of the carbon fiber body: black, tan, blue, red and pink. The RapidTac foregrip comes with three different size rings to allow fitting it to a wide variety of handguards. The overall weight of this grip assembly is 3.75 oz.

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    The MSRP of Brown Star Concepts RapidTac foregrip is $99.95. The price is identical for all color options. This product is made in the USA.

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    Pretty interesting, isn’t it? It should take some time to get used to changing the grip position on the fly, but I guess after some practice, it will be easy to manipulate the grip if it works as advertised. What do you think about the Brown Star Concepts RapidTac foregrip?

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