PVS-31A and BNVD-1531s Available To The Public!

    Photo by Silence The Night

    All this week, TNVC is hosting their own virtual SHOT Show. They call it VSHOTT. Last Tuesday evening they announced some new products and among them there are two that are big in the Night Vision industry. For the first time, PVS-31A and BNVD-1531 will be made available to the public.

    PVS-31A The Pinnacle Of Bino NVGs

    There is something about wanting something you can’t have. Before now, L3 has restricted sales of their ultimate night vision binocular goggles. Fellow TFB writer Richard L. owns a pair of used PVS-31As. He wrote a review about them and the struggle in owning used night vision. Basically, he bought a used pair from an L3 distributor and while the sale on the up and up, and it is not illegal to own PVS-31As getting them serviced by L3 is nigh impossible. I have heard the only recourse, if something bad happens, is to go back to the distributor that sold them to you and have them get it repaired through L3. Even though you have spent on average $12k on them, you are low priority to L3 and it could take a very long time for them to repair your PVS-31A.

    Photo by TNVC

    Now TNVC is offering PVS-31A to the public. They will be offering two versions. The first version looks like the photo above. They will be seeing standard black PVS-31A for $13,700. The second versions have an FDE focus stop ring and they are only going to have 50 units available to VSHOTT registrants. They are $13,500 for the full kit. These limited edition sets will also come with a limited edition woodland TNVC Mohawk MK3 Gen2 battery pack pouch. Below are sample pictures from TNVC’s website of their Mohawk MK3 Gen2 battery pack pouch.

    Photo by TNVC. Mohawk in Multicam Tropic.

    Photo by TNVC

    Photo by TNVC

    Below are photos of TNVC’s limited edition Mohawks in Woodland M81 pattern.



    On top of the PVS-31As that TNVC will be offering, they will also be making the BNVD-1531 available to the public.

    we will be releasing the BNVD1531s commercially as well, in 2376+ FOM full-kit ($11,400), 1792+ FOM full-kit ($10,600), and 1792+ stand-alone goggles ($10,000). Delivery for these units is expected Q2 2021.

    The BNVD-1531s were designed to overcome the PVS-31 drawbacks. I will be reviewing the 1531 in my Friday Night Lights article coming soon and will go over the subtle differences, good and bad, about this system.

    For more information about the BNVD-1531, check out TNVC’s website.

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