New From Strike Industries – Extended Magazine Plate for SIG P320

    Plate for SIG

    Glock versus 1911. Nine millimeter versus .45 ACP. The length of James’s shorts. There are many hotly debated topics in the world of guns. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that more rounds are always better. One cannot attend a contest of shooting prowess without noticing that nearly every magazine has been extended. Strike Industries has been offering their Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for Glock for a while now. Well, now you SIG bois can have a piece too. New from Strike Industries is the Extended Magazine Plate for SIG P320.

    The Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate For SIG SAUER P320 (9mm) was designed to provide smoother magazine reloading through a slow drag / no snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity.

    Plate for SIG

    Extended Magazine Plate for SIG P320

    Plate for SIG

    The standard 9mm SIG P320 magazine capacity is 17 rounds. While nothing to scoff at, Strike thinks that number can be improved. The EMP is a +5, giving you no less than 22 rounds, plus one in the pipe. “But, Nic!” you ask, “What about my 10-round California mags?!” Unfortunately for you, these are neither compatible with 10-rounders, nor will Strike ship them to California. They’re made of impact-resistant polymer, and feature the same steel locking plate found on other models of the EMP. This plate uses a hook design, which Strike Industries claims will increase reliability, due to more locking security.

    Specifications are as follows:

    LENGTH: 42.40mm
    WIDTH: 27.75mm
    HEIGHT: 37.30mm
    WEIGHT: 1.6 oz
    WEIGHT W PKG: 1.7 oz

    Plate for SIG

    Package Contents:
    -x1 Extended Magazine Plate for SIG SAUER P320
    -x1 Extended length spring
    -x1 Steel locking plate
    -x1 Steel locking plate set screw

    Plate for SIG

    If you have experience with the EMP on another platform, you know what you’re getting into here. If not, $19.95 is not a bad price of admission. You can pick some up for yourself here, or find other accessories for your P320 through their main page. Keep up with all things Strike Industries on their Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

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