Riton Optics Move Into New Facility

    Arizona-based Riton Optics, specialising in rifle scopes and red dots, were initially founded 7 years ago and have now announced they have moved into a new 10,000 square foot production facility with room for further expansion.

    X3 Tactix MPRD (Riton Optics)

    Here’s Riton’s full announcement:

    Tucson, AZ – Former U.S. Air Force service member and Capitol Police Officer, Brady Speth started Riton Optics in 2013 with the initial consumer sales starting in 2016. What originated with scopes literally being sold out of a backpack, transformed into a well-developed, highly sought after product line that provides consumers with better value and service.

    In those humble beginnings in 2013, Speth and his wife operated the company from their Arizona residence, designing and testing products with the support of Speth’s military and law enforcement relationships. In 2016, as enthusiasts became more familiar with this newcomer to the optics market, Riton made its first move into a commercial space on Tucson’s east side. In just one year, an adjacent space was acquired to double the space, in order to keep up with customer demand. Two years later in 2018, the company had again outgrown the building and expanded to a new facility to double their operations space.

    After continued unprecedented growth in an additional two year time period, Riton once again outgrew their space and on October 23rd of this year, Riton celebrated the grand opening of their new building. With over 10,000 square feet of space and property for continual expansion, this beautiful new structure features an engaging front lobby area with custom displays, a full studio for media and significant floorspace for operations, quality control and warehousing.

    Regarding the new space, Riton’s Chief Operating Officer, Carrie Speth commented, “There’s an indescribable sense of pride and gratitude when reflecting on where we started in the garage of our house to now multiple expansions in a few short years. The expansion allows us to continue our goal of providing consumers with the best value and service in the optics industry.”

    Throughout this incredible journey of growth, Riton remains committed to the vision of providing the best value and service in the optics industry.

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