Open Source Firearms Introduces The Ghost Gunner Flex

    Introducing the Ghost Gunner Flex by Open Source Firearms

    For those of you who keep your ear to the ground in regards to the development of open-source firearms technology, it should come as no surprise that Open Source Firearms has been hard at work developing the Ghost Gunner Flex. For the uninitiated, the Ghost Gunner Flex is an ongoing open-source project that has been developed as an iteration of the Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 that is created using commonly available hobby components.

    Introducing the Ghost Gunner Flex by Open Source Firearms

    Open Source Firearms Introduces The Ghost Gunner Flex

    I feel it’s best to let Open Source Firearms represent themselves in regards to this particular venture but I’ll say this: This type of accessibility for a CNC machine capable of producing consistent quality firearm components should not be underestimated in value. For you beer drinkers out there, this is the firearm equivalent of being able to make your own beer using things found at the grocery store.

    The Ghost Gunner FLEX is a hardware clone of the Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 with several variances designed to make the unit easily reproduced and manufactured by hobbyists. Just like the Ghost Gunner 2 that precedes it, the design of the FLEX is fully Open Source hardware. The FLEX is built from 3D printed parts, aluminum T-slot extrusion, and commonly available motion components all ubiquitous within the RepRap community.

    The FLEX features modular and swappable work-holding and accessory mounting methods, making it extremely flexible for a variety of tasks. The machine frame is suitable for use with conventional machining, fused deposition 3D printing, laser engraving, and grinding with straightforward toolhead swaps. The design is scaleable, allowing build envelopes up to 10x22x4 inches (250x550x100 millimeters) by a simple swap of motion and frame components without significant modifications to overall design. Having all square and flat features, the FLEX is also easily enclosed to control dust and temperature variations.

    The Ghost Gunner FLEX community is pursuing multiple development goals. Leveraging the project’s modular design, different portions of our community are actively developing cheaper framing and build options using SAE hardware, full RepRap compliance (using the machine to manufacture the parts required to build more of itself), a 4th rotary axis for more complex parts manufacture, and a dedicated electronics and software suite… with much more to come! Beginning with the public project launch on Friday, October 9th 2020, we actively invite all interested parties to join us and help stretch the project’s capabilities as we continue to grow!

    Introducing the Ghost Gunner Flex by Open Source Firearms

    As of right now, the Ghost Gunner Flex plans are available online with a full list of materials needed to complete the build. If the Ghost Gunner Flex pans out it could mean a whole new level of security for the open-source firearms market given the uncertainty that firearms owners currently face.

    Introducing the Ghost Gunner Flex by Open Source Firearms

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