New FN 509 Long Slide Available from Apex Tactical

    New FN 509 Long Slide Available from Apex Tactical

    Beginning on Tuesday, October 27th, owners of the FN 509 will be able to purchase the long-awaited 5″ long slide from Apex Tactical. The Apex Tactical Team has been hard at work developing this new FN 509 Long Slide that comes fully assembled and loaded down with features.

    New FN 509 Long Slide Available from Apex Tactical

    New FN 509 Long Slide Available from Apex Tactical

    The new 509 Long Slide will come completely assembled and ready to install on your pistol’s frame. While the slide does not come with a red dot, it does come equipped with either standard 3-dot night sights or blacked out suppressor height sights. All the parts including the Failure Resistant Extractor, Heavy Duty Striker, and Barrel (threaded or standard available) come pre-installed on the Apex Long Slide.

    Threaded 9mm barrel from Apex

    I like that Apex is also providing the user the choice between a stainless steel and black Melonite finish. The slide comes with an RMR cut and a matching cover plate if you choose not to mount a red dot optic. The fully machined slide has had material removed in key places in order to make it mimic the factory slide’s mass. This should aid in ensuring that despite the extra slide length, the gun continues to operate normally.

    New FN 509 Long Slide Available from Apex Tactical

    If either the XS 3-dot night sights or the black on black suppressor height sights don’t suit your fancy, the slide’s dovetails are machined to accept other FN pattern sights. I’ve personally used Apex’s products a handful of times and I’ve always found them to be reliable and well built. What makes this great is that all the parts come pre-installed so there is no need to worry about losing springs, detents and other small parts that get lost during routine parts installation.


    •  9mm Hammer-Forged Premium Barrel (Threaded or Standard)
    • Apex Heavy Duty Striker
    • Apex Failure Resistant Extractor
    • RMR Pattern Optic Cut w/ Cover Plate
    • Standard XS 3-Dot Night Sights or Black/Black Suppressor Sights
    • Front & Rear Cocking Serrations
    • Stainless or Black Melonite Finish
    • MSRP: $600.00 (complete)

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