New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

    The New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

    If you’ve owned a shotgun for any length of time, you’ll notice that they aren’t exactly made from the factory to be modified. As a result, many companies have to spend time developing new parts to accommodate the ever-changing trends and tactics that set upon the shotgun niche. Shockwave Technologies has just introduced their new Raptor F1 Forend which instantly turns your traditional shotgun into an M-LOK compatible rig able to accept almost any M-LOK compatible accessory.

    The New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

    New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

    The Raptor F1 is not only a direct replacement for your standard shotgun forend on Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 pattern shotguns, but it is also extra space for you to add accessories. The forend adds extra length to accommodate accessories like lights or lasers and simultaneously serves as a heat shield should you choose to add that feature to it. The full details of the Raptor F1 forend are below:

    When you want to turn up your shotgun’s badass factor to 11, reach for the Shockwave Raptor™ F1 forend. Cutting-edge design meets improved handling and fast target acquisition. A bolt-on replacement for your factory or aftermarket forend.

    Compatible with Remington 870 12-gauge firearms, Remington Tac 14 12-gauge firearms, and Mossberg Shockwave and Mossberg 500/590 firearms its features include:

    – A total of 10 M-LOK® slots for mounting lights, vertical grips, angled grips, Picatinny rails, and more

    – The optional upper heat shield prevents burns and offers rifle sights for fast target acquisition

    – Rugged glass-reinforced polymer

    – Lightweight

    – Extra length lets you personalize forward handhold

    – Ribbed inset area provides secure gripping

    – Front and rear handstops improve safety

    – Veteran designed

    – Packages include installation tool

    Our new forend fits the 6 ¾ slide action tube and the 7 ¾ slide action tube for 12 gauge Mossberg firearms. We created an adapter so it will work on both. This means that it will fit the Mossberg Shockwave, Mossberg 590 and Mossberg 500 shotguns and firearms (and it’s the only one on the market). We have a Remington 870, Tac 14 version, as well as a tool that works for both Mossberg and Remington.

    The New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

    If you’re interested in modifying your shotgun with a Shockwave Technologies Raptor F1, you can visit their website here for a full listing of their shotgun forends. For Mossberg owners, there is a full kit here and for Remington 870 owners there is a full kit for sale here. Each of the kits is the same price at $69.95 and comes in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, or Grey depending on your preference. Each kit includes a forend wrench which should help speed along the self-guided installation process. Options without the grips are also available.

    The New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies

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